If only

Okay i'm terrible at these things so here goes nothing:
Silver Lestrange. That's her name, that's who she is, that's who she was, that's who she will be, forever. Or so she is told. But silver wants a different life, a life not of bullying, crime, teasing, and mistreatment. Living with the Malfoy's, being told she is a Lestrange, daughter of one of the most feared death eaters EVER, she is constantly told she has a high expectations to live up to. But when she goes to Hogwarts, she meets a special someone that shows her she doesn't have to be who her mother is. She changes, whether it's for the good, or the worst.


2. Sup Weasley's

I had been in the woods for God knows how long that night, but what felt like days was only a few hours. I had forgotten to pack a pillow or blanket because i was in such a rush. I took out one of my water bottles and began to drink some. It was a hot summers night and pretty humid to. I laid my head down on the hard, muddy ground, and tried to fall asleep....


(The next morning) 

I woke up to the birds chirping in my ear and the sound of crunching leaves underneath me. There was dirt all in my light silver hair and on the right side of my face.  i went to a nearby stream i had heard last night to wash it off. BY the end of it i was soaked, and had to through on another shirt and change my jeans. I wore my dark blue jeans and my light grey shirt. It lay loosely on me and let the breeze fly through my shirt. I let my hair dry in the sun as i grabbed an energy bar and began walking again. I want to get as far as i could away from Malfoy Manor. I turned into a bobcat and began running. In my bobcat form, i could go anywhere quicker then walking. Every night I had one energy bar, and every morning i would hunt a small bird. Being part bobcat makes running A LOT easier. I walk for days, and soon lost count, but i kept going. I knew they'd find me if i stayed in one place for too long, and the consequences would be catastrophic if they did. One day, however, as i was roaming the outside part of the woods along a large field, I saw a large, towering house, not as big as the manor, but fairly large with many floors. It was lopsided a bit, but still nice. It had a nice garage and a small farm around it as well. I decided to investigate a bit. I turned into my bobcat form and stalked around the house, peaking through windows to see if i could catch a glance at anyone who might be living there. I saw no one, until i peaked into the kitchen. Then i saw four people. One woman with red hair and slightly over weight, a man with red hair also and thinner than the other, then a younger boy with red hair as well, except he had glasses. Then finally there was the youngest boy, he too had red hair, but looked my age. 

"What's for lunch mum?" The youngest asked.

"You just had breakfast!" She cried. I snorted, except as an animal, it was silent. Just then, two people opened up the main door and began to walk out. they looked identical. I sprinted into the tall grass along the edge of house, but it was too late. They realized someone was there and saw the grass move. 

"Hello?" They called. I didn't move, but i transformed back into a human. i laid in the tall grass, silently and still.

"We know you're out there." One of them said. 

"Come out. We won't hurt you." The other finished. The man form inside walked out with a confused face. 

"Who are you talking to boys?" He asked. I shrunk lower into the grass. I had a feeling of who these people were. 

"There's someone in there, but..." 

"Hm. It's alright, you can come out now. We won't hurt you."

"It's not you I'm worried about." I said in almost a whisper. Their faces were priceless. Surprised, mainly.

"Who are you?" They asked.

"No one." I responded. 

"Alright, no one, come out." One of the twins said. 

I began to slowly shrink away from them with out making much noise, but the grass gave me away. 

"Don't go. We won't hurt you."

"But what if they find me. They'll hurt me. Again." I whispered. By then I was a good 20 feet away. 

"We won't let them hurt you. We promise." The older man said. Then the older women from inside came out too. This was disastrous. 

"Who are you all talking to?" She asked.

"Me." I responded. She looked startled too. 

"Come inside dear, it's hot." She pleaded. 

"Sorry, but i can't do that. I can't be found. I won't be found." I said. I stood up for a split second and turned into a bobcat again. I sprinted past them and back into the woods. I didn't expect anyone to follow me, so i didn't look back. Bad idea. Well, in a way, best idea. 

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