Palto Hospital


3. Santa Barbara

I have come up with an idea.

I tell Matt “ All of you , how about being donors and I have a couple of children.  The children will have several dads and I will be the mom.  Matt convince your family members.”

“That’s a wonderful idea.  I will, So it will be Raj, Arin Suri and me”

“Yes ! How about we schedule it for some time next year. I can work right through and you Matt can raise the kid. Madison’s mom and family will  help. But Matt , why not get a divorce from your wife and let her marry your cousin. She too can help raise the kid.”

“Ok, I will look into it.”

I am a very decisive person but not hasty or fool hardy. I am confident of the outcome.   Matt is calling a meeting to which Arin is invited to. We will be doing an elaborate poke me poke you process at the Santa Barbara Hospital. Taking care of children is very easy these days and its about time Madison had a sibling. How I adore Madison.”

14 years later...............

I now have 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys, including Madison.  Raising them has been fairly easy.  I continue to work and live on the ship –liner. I see my kids on a regular basis. I get along really well with all my Partners and I help them out with their work. Raj is a consultant for the Hospitals.  Matt is wealthy and manages his wealthy which itself is a full time job.  Arin continues to organise events. Suri works for the airline industry now and travels a lot. All of them now live in Santa Barbara. The kids are settled in life and are all being educated. Victor continues to live with me. 2 of my kids live with me. We are anchored at Santa Barbara now and my ship liner does not move anymore.  One of my friends runs a herbal vitamin supplement business and makes good money. I advertise her products.

&&&&&&&  THE END  &&&&&&&&&&&

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