Palto Hospital


2. Palto Hospital - Chapter 2

I have a meeting with the Head of Clinical services next week as a member on the board of Palto Hospital 01.  One has to have a very good head on one’s shoulders. Mind you these meetings are not easy. I make a neat 1 million US Dollars for every visit.  He is extremely interested in the works of the Cancer centre. We meet up at his office. I make his work life interesting. A lot of the Doctors’ work is routine and they need interesting work to induce them to stay on, besides the money they make. Otherwise you lose them to the competition. It is the year 2016. My training as a Doctor started at the age of 5.

Where is the City of Banff you ask me ?  It is near Khasgar in China. I have never been to China and I am getting to know the place. China you know ? China on the 6th century maps. All the Chinese hold key positions in the Hospitals.  Like Hongkong used to be British, so is this place American.  They are married or in a relationship with white men/women.  Some have taken on white kids.  But for all that, they do not give up their key positions in this city. You have to be at least part Chinese to be able to have access to this place.  

I am different. I was sponsored by a Chinese Princess who wanted to become American and made me Chinese Queen as an exchange. Therefore I am allowed here permanently. My fellow is  authentic white Chinese.  Whites who have lived here for centuries.

I am 5 feet 9 inches tall in the world’s scale, 5 feet 6 inches on the American scale..

I digress. Palto 1 has informal living quarters for families of staff and patients. It’s a free service provided and meals are also provided at a minimal cost. Free for those who are have a temporary cash flow problem. The owner also lives there and is a happy. Their lounge is beautiful. Maybe one day I will have a house like that ! I can only dream for the moment. I stayed  there for 2 months when my family could not stay with me and they did not want me to stay alone. As I said everyone here lives for free.  If you don’t have a family, you are given one. No one lives alone. Life is truly enjoyable and nobody worries about it. The airport is also on a ship and we have to travel about 20 kms to reach it.  As we are anchored to land. All the ships on the way to the airport are anchored. Palto 3 Hospital is a new addition, commissioned a few years ago.  My sister and I lived on Palto 3 for a year as I helped set up the Hospital as a member of one of the teams. My Dad lives on another ship. It takes 9 hours to get there and the journey is made by air. 

I am looking forward to my visit to the Cancer Centre at Palto-3 Hospital next week. The Registrar will be discussing cancerous Neuro endocriene tumours and treatment plans.

It is a very rare form of cancer.  Neuroendocrine cancer happens when the tumour turns malignant and can spread to other parts of the body. Neuroendocrine cells are part of the  neuroendocrine system. This system is a network of neuroendocrine cells throughout the body. Neuroendocrine cells are also in the endocrine system, which includes the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, pancreatic islet cells and the ovaries or testicles. Neuroendocrine cells have a structure like those of  nerve cells, or neurons. They also make hormones. Neuroendocrine  mainly found in the digestive system and respiratory system though they can exist in other parts of the body.

Neuroendocrine cells can sometimes change and these changes can lead to neuroendocrine tumours (NETs), which are abnormal growths that develop very slowly. Most of the time, NETs are non-cancerous, or benign.

Sometimes changes to neuroendocrine cells can cause cancer. These cancers are called malignant NETs..

Whether a tumour is functional or non-functional will affect the symptoms it causes and how it is treated. A functional tumour makes hormones.

Sometimes the word carcinoid is used to refer to NETs.

Read more:

A tumor begins when normal cells grow , forming a mass. A tumor can be cancerous or benign.

Read more

Symptoms can include diarrhea, hypertension, high blood sugar levels. Headache, anxiety, nausea.

My fellow and I have special Lings. I can be bisexual , meaning I can be both man and woman during sex. I am straight, not gay.  My fellow has a Ling that grows and can change size.  That is another reason I go to the hospital. They are trying to reproduce that feature in human beings, using special devices. 

.  By the way my fellow’s name is Victor Raghav Laxmikanth. Yes I am still dating other men. My dating amounts to seeing them once in a while.  I am always pleased to see one of them.  They are usually engrossed in doing their own thing, whatever that might be when I see them. I am a Doll that takes on jobs that expend no energy. The only energy I expend is when I go for a walk. I am working off pregnancy weight at the moment. I had a beautiful baby girl in April and my fellow is taking care of her. Her name is Madison. She had her first haircut last month and totally enjoyed the experience. My fellow is 5 years older than me. One reason he is prime mate is that he lives close to where I live.

The dark dreary winter months are over. How I hate them. I get pretty lonely at such times as everyone stays indoors or outdoors for the minimum time possible. No one stands around to chat. I usually use the time to visit my family as they stay in a warmer place.

I have  a meeting with the Cancer team next week at Palto 3. We are discussing cases where surgery is not a viable option.  Neuroendocrine patients have the option to turn to an alternate cancer treatment using a drug called Lutate.  The drug uses radioactive particles to target the tumour from the inside. Those receiving Lutate also recover good enough to allow them to return to work.  Sometimes a combination of chemotherapy and Lutate is given. Trials are going on to determine whether the combo treatment or only Lutate administration is more effective. Success stories of patients who have been lucky enough to receive treatment through Lutate show that the predicted lifespan for these patients is often more than was believed by their medical practitioners.

Based on research Lutate has the potential to shrink the tumour in some patients while almost eliminating it in some other patients. The drug does not have many  known side effects and is used as an outpatient treatment. When given early enough in the disease, Lutate can stall the growth of  the cancer at the same time permitting patients to remain productive. This decreases the demand for other costly medical treatments and procedures.


A lot of Doll research happens at the Palto Hospitals.  As a Doll, I don’t have a specific age. I can be any age.  But my official date of birth is March 6th, 1980. So according to the Human calendar, I am 37 this year.  Palto Hospitals are famous for Doll research. It is every Doctor’s dream to  work on a Doll Project.  As a Doll, I am part of the research.  My Dad was President of the United States of America and so he decided to treat me like his child.  I was born a Man and only recently have become a woman.  I was a complete Doll when I was born. No more work had to be done on me.  One among the first 100 Dolls to be born in the world.  That explains why I now have a woman’s heart.  I personally prefer being a man.  The change took place gradually over time Men are more self sufficient.  My Man was Human and born a woman.  Since then he has changed into a Man.  He became a Doll 3 years ago. Our mating call is scheduled for about 100 years from now , when we will do the bi-ling-ual thing. 

I have always lived the rich life, being a President’s child.  As the President’s child, I had all the privileges you can dream of.  My whole life has been programmed for eternity, and that is saying quite a bit.  My vedic astrology chart is as follows.

 Astraura's Vedic Horoscope

Top of Form



System     : Lahiri Ayanamsa:  23° 34' 40"
Name       :
Place      :
Date       : 6-3-1980 Thursday
Time       : 9-30-0
Settings   : Universal Time
Sid.Time   :  20° 16' 10"
Latitude   : Geographic
Cusp System: Vedic Bhava

               Records give my age as 35 in 2015.  Went blonde in last couple of years.  The hair dressers couldn’t remove all the blonde from memory. 6th and 11th parivartana.





KP Pointer



22° Aq 9' 41.2157"

Poorva Bhadra




Mercury (Retro.)

22° Aq 17' 59.0249"

Poorva Bhadra





5° Ar 43' 16.0982"






8° Li 43' 40.2119"





Mars (Retro.)

8° Le 22' 0.0357"





Jupiter (Retro.)

10° Le 21' 35.1803"





Saturn (Retro.)

0° Vi 41' 40.8978"

Utra Phalguni




Uranus (Retro.)

1° Sc 58' 35.1322"






29° Sc 0' 6.0963"





Pluto (Retro.)

27° Vi 43' 22.8807"






4° Le 52' 7.7424"






4° Aq 52' 7.7424"






16° Ar 40' 55.9336"











KP Pointer

Bhava Sandhi


16° Ar 40' 55.9336"



0° Ta 16' 15.1634"


13° Ta 51' 34.3933"



27° Ta 26' 53.6231"


11° Ge 2' 12.8529"



24° Ge 37' 32.0828"


8° Cn 12' 51.3126"



24° Cn 37' 32.0828"


11° Le 2' 12.8529"



27° Le 26' 53.6231"


13° Vi 51' 34.3933"



0° Li 16' 15.1634"


16° Li 40' 55.9336"



0° Sc 16' 15.1634"


13° Sc 51' 34.3933"



27° Sc 26' 53.6231"


11° Sa 2' 12.8529"



24° Sa 37' 32.0828"


8° Cp 12' 51.3126"



24° Cp 37' 32.0828"


11° Aq 2' 12.8529"



27° Aq 26' 53.6231"


13° Pi 51' 34.3933"

Utra Bhadra


0° Ar 16' 15.1634"


3° Sa 14' 54.9297"





Cusp Love Horoscope

Sun Rise/Set Upper Ray :  6 - 23 - 35 |  6 - 19 - 12
Sun Rise/Set Lower Ray :  6 - 27 - 02 |  6 - 15 - 45
Lagna                  : Mesha Bharani 2
Birth Rasi (Moon Sign) : Thula

Birth Star (Nakshatra) : Swati  1

Lunar Half (Paksha)    : Krishna Paksha (Declining Phase)

Lunar Day  (Thithi)    : Apara Chaturthi 19

Yoga                   : Dhruvam

Karana                 : Balavam

Dasa at DOB / DOQ      : Rahu

Dasa Balance           : 15 Y:2 M:19 D
Bhukti at DOB / DOQ    : Jupiter

Bhukti Balance         : 2 Y:3 M:25 D

Current Date           : 12/21/2015
Current Dasa running   : Sat-Mer-Rah



Ven Lag



Sun Mer (R) Ket

Rasi Chakra



Mar (R) Jup (R) Rah


Ura (R) Nep


Sat (R) Plu (R)




Sun Mer

Ven Rah



Navamsa Chakra

Jup Ura






Plu Lag




   Since I am a Doll, I am not affected by time lines and dasa periods.


My education was completed and used 2 years ago.  My role now is to figure out what I am as a woman and the Data is being programmed into my memory.  I recently had a baby girl on April 5th and I have not yet shed off the post pregnancy weight.  Yes I am a Human Doll, not a Dog or Cat or a sea creature. I used to be a water creature but now am totally a land creature.  I have blue green eyes, though in the lighting inside the home, they look brown. Blonde hair that has been dyed black, since I live in Khasgar, China.  I have a passion for travel though I dislike journeys. Yes I am programmed to have likes and dislikes and as a Aries, I am impatient.  Not the sitting around for me.

My foreigner guy friend is back. So what do I do now ?  Let’s see what happens.  He looks like my neighbor Jeff but is taller.  Maybe we will live together some day. I am in no rush. Hope I see him again soon.  Hopefully he has brought all his family to live here with him this time.  I am feeling so much better.  All my heartache has disappeared. Living by myself does not bother me. I have permanent house mates and family. However I did not like dating other men as I could not forget my foreigner guy friend. I may not have been actually going out for dinner with them but I was seriously considering finding a man.  His name is Matt. I am sure he will understand.  He is a very nice man.  Since all my future is programmed I am not worried.  Whatever is meant to be will be. At this stage in my life, I prefer friendship. After all, I am a Doll with a large heart.  Yes I have decided that I will go for friendship with everyone. Leave all the passion behind.. It is about love and affection, not just love any more. I have plenty of friends. Have known some of them for more than 20 years.


......To be continued.......

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