Palto Hospital


2. Palto Hospital - Chapter 2

I have a meeting with the Head of Clinical services next week as a member on the board of Palto Hospital 01.  One has to have a very good head on one’s shoulders. Mind you these meetings are not easy. I make a neat 1 million US Dollars for every visit.  He is extremely interested in the works of the Cancer centre. We meet up at his office. I make his work life interesting. A lot of the Doctors’ work is routine and they need interesting work to induce them to stay on, besides the money they make. Otherwise you lose them to the competition. It is the year 2016. My training as a Doctor started at the age of 5.

Where is the City of Banff you ask me ? City of Banff is the ship liner I have my home on. It is near Khasgar in China. I have never been to China and I am getting to know the place. China you know ? China on the 6th century maps. All the Chinese hold key positions in the Hospitals.  Like Hongkong used to be British, so is this place American.  They are married or in a relationship with white men/women.  Some have taken on white kids.  But for all that, they do not give up their key positions in this city. You have to be at least part Chinese to be able to have access to this place.  

I am different. I was sponsored by a Chinese Princess who wanted to become American and made me Chinese Queen as an exchange. Therefore I am allowed here permanently. My fellow is  authentic white Chinese.  Whites who have lived here for centuries.

I am 5 feet 9 inches tall in the world’s scale, 5 feet 6 inches on the American scale..

I digress. Palto 1 has informal living quarters for families of staff and patients. It’s a free service provided and meals are also provided at a minimal cost. Free for those who are have a temporary cash flow problem. The owner also lives there and is a happy. Their lounge is beautiful. Maybe one day I will have a house like that ! I can only dream for the moment. I stayed  there for 2 months when my family could not stay with me and they did not want me to stay alone. As I said everyone here lives for free.  If you don’t have a family, you are given one. No one lives alone. Life is truly enjoyable and nobody worries about it. The airport is also on a ship and we have to travel about 20 kms to reach it.  As we are anchored to land. All the ships on the way to the airport are anchored. Palto 3 Hospital is a new addition, commissioned a few years ago.  My sister and I lived on Palto 3 for a year as I helped set up the Hospital as a member of one of the teams. My Dad lives on another ship. It takes 9 hours to get there and the journey is made by air. 

I am looking forward to my visit to the Cancer Centre at Palto-3 Hospital next week. The Registrar will be discussing cancerous Neuro endocriene tumours and treatment plans.

It is a very rare form of cancer.  Neuroendocrine cancer happens when the tumour turns malignant and can spread to other parts of the body. Neuroendocrine cells are part of the  neuroendocrine system. This system is a network of neuroendocrine cells throughout the body. Neuroendocrine cells are also in the endocrine system, which includes the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, pancreatic islet cells and the ovaries or testicles. Neuroendocrine cells have a structure like those of  nerve cells, or neurons. They also make hormones. Neuroendocrine  mainly found in the digestive system and respiratory system though they can exist in other parts of the body.

Neuroendocrine cells can sometimes change and these changes can lead to neuroendocrine tumours (NETs), which are abnormal growths that develop very slowly. Most of the time, NETs are non-cancerous, or benign.

Sometimes changes to neuroendocrine cells can cause cancer. These cancers are called malignant NETs..

Whether a tumour is functional or non-functional will affect the symptoms it causes and how it is treated. A functional tumour makes hormones.

Sometimes the word carcinoid is used to refer to NETs.

Read more:

A tumor begins when normal cells grow , forming a mass. A tumor can be cancerous or benign.

Read more

Symptoms can include diarrhea, hypertension, high blood sugar levels. Headache, anxiety, nausea.

My fellow and I have special Lings. I can be bisexual , meaning I can be both man and woman during sex. I am straight, not gay.  My fellow has a Ling that grows and can change size.  That is another reason I go to the hospital. They are trying to reproduce that feature in human beings, using special devices. 

.  By the way my fellow’s name is Victor Raghav Laxmikanth. Yes I am still dating other men. My dating amounts to seeing them once in a while.  I am always pleased to see one of them.  They are usually engrossed in doing their own thing, whatever that might be when I see them. I am a Doll that takes on jobs that expend no energy. The only energy I expend is when I go for a walk. I am working off pregnancy weight at the moment. I had a beautiful baby girl in April and my fellow is taking care of her. Her name is Madison. She had her first haircut last month and totally enjoyed the experience. My fellow is 5 years older than me. One reason he is prime mate is that he lives close to where I live.

The dark dreary winter months are over. How I hate them. I get pretty lonely at such times as everyone stays indoors or outdoors for the minimum time possible. No one stands around to chat. I usually use the time to visit my family as they stay in a warmer place.

I have  a meeting with the Cancer team next week at Palto 3. We are discussing cases where surgery is not a viable option.  Neuroendocrine patients have the option to turn to an alternate cancer treatment using a drug called Lutate.  The drug uses radioactive particles to target the tumour from the inside. Those receiving Lutate also recover good enough to allow them to return to work.  Sometimes a combination of chemotherapy and Lutate is given. Trials are going on to determine whether the combo treatment or only Lutate administration is more effective. Success stories of patients who have been lucky enough to receive treatment through Lutate show that the predicted lifespan for these patients is often more than was believed by their medical practitioners.

Based on research Lutate has the potential to shrink the tumour in some patients while almost eliminating it in some other patients. The drug does not have many  known side effects and is used as an outpatient treatment. When given early enough in the disease, Lutate can stall the growth of  the cancer at the same time permitting patients to remain productive. This decreases the demand for other costly medical treatments and procedures.


A lot of Doll research happens at the Palto Hospitals.  As a Doll, I don’t have a specific age. I can be any age.  But my official date of birth is March 16th, 1983. So according to the Human calendar, I am 33 this year.  Palto Hospitals are famous for Doll research. It is every Doctor’s dream to  work on a Doll Project.  As a Doll, I am part of the research.  My Dad was President of the United States of America and so he decided to treat me like his child.  I was born a Man and only recently have become a woman.  I was a complete Doll when I was born. No more work had to be done on me.  One among the first 100 Dolls to be born in the world.  That explains why I now have a woman’s heart.  I personally prefer being a man.  The change took place gradually over time Men are more self sufficient.  My Man was Human and born a woman.  Since then he has changed into a Man.  He became a Doll 3 years ago. Our mating call is scheduled for about 100 years from now , when we will do the bi-ling-ual thing. 

I have always lived the rich life, being a President’s child.  As the President’s child, I had all the privileges you can dream of.  My whole life has been programmed for eternity, and that is saying quite a bit.  My vedic astrology chart is as follows.

Astraura's Vedic Horoscope

Top of Form

System     : Lahiri Ayanamsa:  23° 37' 03"
Name       :
Place      : Sydney Australia
Date       : 16-3-1983 Wednesday
Time       : 1-0-0
Longitude  : 151-0-0 East
Latitude   : 38-0-0 South
Zone       : Other 10
Settings   : Universal Time
Sid.Time   :  12° 34' 35"
Latitude   : Geographic
Cusp System: Vedic Bhava

 ...............(See, Katherine Kelly Lang,  Palto Hospital for Vedic astrology CHART)


Sun Rise/Set Upper Ray :  5 - 55 - 06 |  6 - 15 - 05
Sun Rise/Set Lower Ray :  5 - 59 - 20 |  6 - 10 - 52
Lagna                  : Makara Utrashada 2
Birth Rasi (Moon Sign) : Meena

Birth Star (Nakshatra) : Utra Bhadra 3

Lunar Half (Paksha)    : Sukla Paksha (Growing Phase)

Lunar Day  (Thithi)    : Purva Prathama 1

Yoga                   : Suklam

Karana                 : Bavam

Dasa at DOB / DOQ      : Saturn

Dasa Balance           : 7 Y:10 M:27 D
Bhukti at DOB / DOQ    : Moon

Bhukti Balance         : 1 Y:4 M:27 D

Current Date           : 10/24/2016
Current Dasa running   : Ven-Ven-Jup

                       : Venus Dasa upto: 06-Feb-2035

                       : Venus Bhukti upto: 08-Jun-2018

                       : Jupiter Antara upto: 28-Mar-2017


Since I am a Doll, I am not affected by time lines and dasa periods. Lagna Capricorn, Moon sign and sun sign pisces.


My education was completed and used 2 years ago.  My role now is to figure out what I am as a woman and the Data is being programmed into my memory.  I recently had a baby girl on April 5th and I have not yet shed off the post pregnancy weight.  Yes I am a Human Doll, not a Dog or Cat or a sea creature. I used to be a water creature but now am totally a land creature.  I have blue green eyes, though in the lighting inside the home, they look brown. Blonde hair that has been dyed black, since I live in Khasgar, China.  I have a passion for travel though I dislike journeys. Yes I am programmed to have likes and dislikes and as a Aries, I am impatient.  Not the sitting around for me.

My foreigner guy friend is back. So what do I do now ?  Let’s see what happens.  He looks like my neighbor Jeff but is taller.  Maybe we will live together some day. I am in no rush. Hope I see him again soon.  Hopefully he has brought all his family to live here with him this time.  I am feeling so much better.  All my heartache has disappeared. Living by myself does not bother me. I have permanent house mates and family. However I did not like dating other men as I could not forget my foreigner guy friend. I may not have been actually going out for dinner with them but I was seriously considering finding a man.  His name is Matt. I am sure he will understand.  He is a very nice man.  Since all my future is programmed I am not worried.  Whatever is meant to be will be. At this stage in my life, I prefer friendship. After all, I am a Doll with a large heart.  Yes I have decided that I will go for friendship with everyone. Leave all the passion behind.. It is about love and affection, not just love any more. I have plenty of friends. Have known some of them for more than 20 years.

I have decided to date only Matt.  But take it real slow.

 My meeting at the Cancer centre went well.  The patients are going to be given a combination of oral chemo drugs and Lutate. For the most part there will be no side effects though the potential for side effects are there. The goal is to shrink the neuroendocrine tumour. And potentially eliminate it altogether.......

Start of the warmer season, many warmer weather illnesses. Chaffed bottoms are a common occurrence.  In these days and times all illnesses can be cured. So most of the people have forgotten about dying and disease .   Any illness is caught in its early stages and treated within 5 days.  All the patients have to do is spend a couple of hours at Palto-3. Everyone makes a visit to Palto-3 at least once a year.  My Indian counterparts are excellent at treating ailments with herbal medication.  Brahmi, aswagandha, Chywanprash,  nature cure for weight loss among other things. There is medication that treats frozen shoulders. There is excellent medication that cures diarrhoea, period problems, infertility, contraception.  The sex clinic at Palto Hospitals is very popular.

Though I am a Doctor, my passion is Business. I am always looking for new business opportunities. Back to my sex life. I am consulting my inner Doctor to figure out a way to deal with it. Matt is cousin to my guy friends. I have 4 of them. Matt Venkatraman Laxmikanth,Victor Raghav Laxmikanth, Suri and Raj.  They are all 5 to 11 years older than me. We tried Indian religion for fun and took the following names.  Not many know that the names originated in the USA.  I have played Brook Logan in the early episodes of  the Drama Series Bold and Beautiful.  I still look the same but you have to have the right eyes to see me as I am. That’s another aspect of Palto Hospitals. Cosmostology.  Many come with hope to improve their married life. They want to change their partners without being unfaithful.  Some want their partners to undergo plastic surgery.  Most of their wishes come true without surgery.  All a matter of  fixing their eyesight with a few drops and eating hospital food.

The Hospitals also have a flying doctor service.  All of them have space for space craft landing and take offs. The airport is only used for domestic travel.  A flight to one of the planet’s moons is only an 8 hour journey. Specialist Doctors can be flown in the matter of a day.  They usually live on spacecrafts and are on standby for emergencies.  There are places where they can land their mobile home.

Morphing and mutation and age reversal is another popular field in medicine.  In spite of all the advances in medicine, the only way to have children is using Ling sex.  However you can have non contact ling sex to have children. That is a recent addition to Palto 2. People pride themselves on having 100 + children. However the locals are done with having children.  All a part of future planning.  Many have creatures as pets that talk. As a Doctor part of my job is to train the creatures.

Sometimes people come to the hospital and say they want a cure for loneliness.  They are provided therapy and taught techniques to handle life. Sometimes a team of house hunters find them a more suitable home. Teams of on the ground people are spread all across  Palto-3. As a Doll, I can look any age, without any effort.  Some training went into making me that way.  I look a permanent 28.  I go through 1 day of loneliness every year.  My life is structured such.  There are easy solutions for that. Like taking a shower, pampering yourself, having a warm beverage, going out to the mall.  Window shopping. Sitting in the food court of the malls as free wifi is provided. Everyone is encouraged to visit the local doctor if they feel lonely for more than a day. I am a Doll but I have been given loneliness as a human feature. Why ? Don’t know. That’s just the way it is.

For minor ailments you don’t really have to see the Doctor. Just go and sit in the Doctor’s surgery for 30 minutes. You won’t even feel the treatment. They do a thorough check on in with equipment in a matter of minutes. You won’t even know it.

If you don’t want children for whatever reason but don’t want to miss out on the experience, you can buy or rent a Doll that will grow and behave like a regular child.  A Doll made to specifications.  Not every one can handle the living for ever concept.  So they want a child that can live for ever. Stanley being in California, you can hire actors to live with you and play the part of loving husbands so that you don’t get the loneliness disease or a actor who earns money for you if you can’t be bothered. 

I have figured out my ailment. I am a Doll. Dolls don’t have the need for sex, relationships. Dolls don’t feel lonely. Errant code has been put into some of us.  I can easily fix that.  Remove the human aspects of me, yet be a Human Doll.  I have just returned from a trip to a world where Dolls are Human, and like being Human. I don’t. I like being vichala veedi VLK, vishala veedi VLK.  But I do understand relationships now.  Feeling was put into me.  It’s called empathy. I am still under training as far as relationships go. I now know what sex is. What relationships are, what it is to have children and a guy friend.  I know what love is. What aloneness is.  The loneliness is errant code. The rest is ok.  That has to be fixed. Even otherwise there are solutions for that.  A trip to the mall, to a neighbours place, a phone call, day dreaming, cooking or just be patient and your circumstances will change. Somebody is watching and they will fix that. The solution is also simple. Go back to being a man. Men are not needy.  Become an Australian Gal !

I have woken up groggy well rested. We have left Palto and our fleet of ships has just reached Santa Barbara in California.  Our fleet of ships is moving from San Fransisco to Los Angeles to San Diego and back to San Fransisco via Los Angeles in California.  Since the place is American we have a map of America which we use though geographic location is 6th century China.  We carry America whereever we go. We will be staying here a while.  I will check out the Hospitals here but I am in no hurry. All of us have been given a week off to get familiar with the city. A bus has been hired that takes us places and gives us a tour of the city. We are put up at Hotels in the city and are treated to the local food. I plan to hit the local soup kitchen. Their meals are famous. I have been to Santa Barbara before.

I am enjoying my break from work. I love the waters so a marine job is perfect for me.  I get to see places. Some day I hope to do the same in Australia.

Matt is visiting me next week and will stay for a while on my ship. I am looking forward to his visit with anticipation. I find all my guy friends attractive but Matt is my favourite.  I have a promise from him that he won't go too far from me from now on. But you never know. There have been times when I haven't seen him for months.  Part of my job is to train the Chinese Doctors here who are in mid level positions. Matt knows a lot of these Doctors and I am planning a party for all of them. Get to know them.  I love Matt. I still feel like a teenager when I am with him. He is a busy man and has the nicest of smiles that makes him very attractive. He will be bringing his brother's granddaughter and niece with him. The granddaughter’s name is Kalila.

 I haven’t forgotten  Victor Raghav Laxmikanth.   However he doesn’t want Victor over at the same time as him.  I understand.  He will visit Victor later after a few days and leave his niece and her child in Victor’s place. Victor lives on the same ship as me as he takes care of my daughter Madison. Victor has found temporary accommodation in Santa Barbara.  Victor being Matt’s cousin is delighted to hear that his cousin’s family is visiting. My love life may seem confusing to you. I myself find it a little confusing.  I love all the men.  But let me rethink that. The situation as it stands now is that  I am dating Matt. That makes Victor, Raj and Suri my brothers but I don’t see Raj and Suri on a regular basis. I saw them recently when we arrived in Santa Barbara for a brief moment And I adore my brothers.  Suri is too short, Raj has a face I don’t find attractive but a very nice voice. So does Suri, a nice voice.  Victor is too young for me..  I also have 2 men in my life who are like my Dad and brother. Their names are George and  Arin.  Arin is an event organiser and George lives on the same ship as I do. I have suggested to Arin that maybe he could organise events in Santa Barbara and he is looking into it.  Madison is a child I adopted. I helped with the birth of the child.  Therefore I said I had a daughter in April.

Matt and I are sun bathing on the deck of the ship. People are enjoying themselves in the swimming pool and in the nearby tennis courts. I tell Matt I also want him to be brother like Victor, Raj and Suri. He looks too young for me. He smiles and says nothing. 

"Are you listening I ask?"

He smiles again and nods. 

"In your past life we were lovers. Here let me show you what we ddi, showing me videos. The difference is you have forgotten, I haven't. You don't have to feel guilty. Leave it to me."

"Are you not married ? "
"As I said leave it to me. I will never leave you. Our's is a eternity relationship. No matter what happens in life our relationship will stay the same. Feel free to Date other men. That won't bother me. Don't ask any personal questions of me. Besides my name is not Matt."

"Your name is too hard to remember."


"Will you go away?"

"Leave you mean? If I do I will always return. I have your email and will receive your emails. You are still very young. Take the time to Date before you decide on a relationship. Besides you don't have any need for children, so there is no hurry."

"Why Matt?"
"Just listen to me. Start with my 4 cousins."

"Ok if you say so Matt."

"Do you love me Matt?"

"Matt smiles his enigmatic smile and says nothing"

"Can I induce you to take the Presidential Suite on this Luxury Cruise Liner at a heavily discounted price Matt? It's yours if you want it."

"Ok I will do it to please you"

"You are a Darling Matt. You won't regret it. Jeff's Lady will cook for you, and her son may come with her."

"You won't see too much of me Manni, date Arin also. He is not your real brother."

" No worries. I will wave to you everyday from my more modest slightly more modern living quarters. After all I know what you look like. I have a photo of you on my computer and all those videos. You haven’t changed much."


“You love all of us don’t you Manni?

“Yes I do but...”

“No buts, you love me don’t you, listen to me. I am maximising your happiness.”

“Ok but I will do it my way.  I will not do sex for a while until I am totally comfortable with the concept.”

“As you wish Manuka, I will explain this to the others. Come with me when I explain it to them.  What are the origins of your name?”

“I was visiting Canberra and they had a suburb called Manuka.  My mom and dad thought it was a nice name”

“My mom and Dad like Indian. Mani is an Indian name. They therefore call me Manni for short. You know I am a Doll”

“Do you know what sex is Manni. What is your way of doing it”

“I know everything, I got my training in Peddapuram and also the Blue Lagoon extensive set.  You will love it”

“Don’t I know it ! You are so pliable!”

“I will start with emails. Let’s get to know each other . Because I am a Doll, each of you will see a different me. I can change face and age at will.”

“Interesting, I did not know.”

“Do you love me Matt, just a little!”

“I don’t think that way. My wife knows it. I don’t do sex and we don’t have children. She doesn’t mind. She married me for my wealth. She has a large family. Besides I have always done what I wanted. Very few relationships are monogamous. Tell me how you do innocent sex, teach me.  Teach me to love. I am sure my wife won’t object to that”.

“Ok That suits me fine. I don’t want to be exclusive. And like you, I don’t do sex.  Please remember I am American. I am a Velar priest. Here take these 2 email addresses. and  They are my email addresses. I own them. Don’t you think Madison is turning out to be a beauty. “

“I haven’t seen her yet.”

“Here are a few  photos of her.By the way your wife won’t mind ?

 No! Why should she. Besides she is busy and stays with her family, not me. You are saying you will be a friend. Besides I have my code of ethics. No one tells me what to do.”

“Why don’t we have a party at your Presidential Palace.-0 Invite my guy friends and George and Jeff and their family.  Plus a few more people I know in Santa Barbara.I will handle the food and drinks.”All the crew is spending the weekend on land and I can rent a few of their living quarters for the party. A 2 day Party. Matt can invite his Chinese friends.

I have made up my mind. I am not a prude.  I am determined to get Matt and his cousins for myself. I am patient. I can afford to be. Matt wants an escort services lady, not a wife and a discreet relationship. He has elicited a promise from me that I won’t ask him any personal questions.  He is a Career Diplomat and a busy man.  After all I am going to live for ever. But first things first. I decide to find out more about Matt’s wife.  I know Matt’s cousins are not married.   Take the relationship to the next stage.  I decide to ask Victor to move in with me and apply for bigger living quarters.  Raj is a Doctor too and I decide to help him out with his work. See how he shapes up and change his Head shape at some stage. His face I realise is ok. Slowly make him love me.  Both of us are from the same country and that for him is a big attraction. My being a Doctor is also appealing.   I understand Suri very well. He is ready to have a Escort Service Lady in his life. He is a business man and looks me up whenever he can. He is an expert at love making of a different kind. He has made love once in his lifetime, before he met me. As I said I have done sex twice in my life. Once with Suri and once with Matt. Suri remembers but Matt has forgotten his nocturnal meeting with me under the Blue moon. Arin and I have been Dance partners.  Suri is a very neat man. He has taught all of us safe practices in sex.  Matt has been married to his wife for 10 years now.  She is Human. And Human beings cannot live without sex. I decide to check her out further.  I learn that she is in love with Matt’s cousin who is 12 years older than him. He is also Human.  Does Matt know ?  I decide not to investigate the matter further.  He probably does,  other wise he would not have made up his mind to have me. I send her a copy of sex for the married ones anonymously with a large box of clothing and jewellery which I am sure she would like.  Humans are not happy about multiple relationships. So I can make Matt mine. She would not leave Matt but she would consider the end of their marriage if she knew. Set up all the sequences and see how it plays out. I know change is the only constant thing.  At the moment Raj is not yet into having feelings for me. But he is getting to like me more and more by the day.  Suri, Matt and Arin do.  Victor is happy as long as he can play house mate with me.  He is not looking for sex with me.  I have great plans. I want us to form  a family group called the Kanakapuri group and take on kids.  I have done child care and modern day care of a child is very easy.  I already have raised 6 and I am now raising Madison. 33 for a Doll is very young.  I look 28 but I can easily change my age between 16 and 56. I am thinking of adding Peter to my list of beaus.  I have seen him for 3 years but only recently have struck up a friendship with him. I also fancied Mark , a swimming instructor and athlete, but haven’t seen him for 2 months. Maybe he moved away permanently. I will do a wait and see approach with him.

                     I have plenty of friends in Santa Barbara. I have a work office at Santa Barbara Hospital. I invite them over on Thursday, when I will be checking the place out. How I love hospitals.

 I call up Matt – “Matt there is a trail where we can get our exercise and why don’t we meet up there. If I see you a few times a week, most of the time, I will be happy. Doesn’t have to be everyday.”

“Oikey Doikey”

“I will send emails and you will receive them from now on.” 

I am told we will be staying in Santa Barbara for a while.  I don’t need to be at the Palto Hospitals anymore.  I am arranging a consignment of tea bags that quench thirst.

It has been a long year and my work has not ended.  We are getting ready for next year. But easy work it is for all of us.  


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