Sapphire's Journey

A seventeen year old girl goes on many adventurous trips. Including the dragons home Dragonsdale, dragon fire falls, and many other places. Yet danger may still lurk.....


4. Who or what caused the burning incident part 1

As soon as the song was over the bus stopped at the school. All the kids rushed out or hurried to line up in order to get outa the bus first. I was always last or nearly last. Why can't the people be nice and let others through or wait for once?

When I had a chance to get in line a girl about my age and height, pushed me aside without saying a dang word! She just looked straight ahead or scowled. Looks like someone besides me woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I tried to ignore that incident today, but it was kinda hard because.......she was in all of my classes.

"Oh great," I say to myself in my head " miss shovey grumpy is in my classes. How am I to ignore the stupid incident today when she reminds me of it, by me seeing her! Who does she think she is anyway by pushing poor kids away? Does she think it's cool? I certainly don't see it as 'cool'.



2nd period


I am now in home ec, sewing. I hate sewing. I am behind by like, one day, but still it's way behind. Why does it have to be me? Sewing sucks.Well, I start on with my sewing and I am still so bored! Sewing isn't really that fun. But luckily the sewing sucks and not the teacher. The teacher lets you listen to music when working. Of course,  I like that very much.

I start to smell something, smoke? Probably a burnt cookie or something. Never in history has this school caught on fire. So I keep listening to my music and sewing my worst project ever because of my lack of skill.

Then the fire alarm goes off. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* everyone piles out of the classroom and Sapphire  doesn't notice because her earbuds are in and she's sewing. She is left alone in the classroom now. when something is seen in the corner of her eye

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