Sapphire's Journey

A seventeen year old girl goes on many adventurous trips. Including the dragons home Dragonsdale, dragon fire falls, and many other places. Yet danger may still lurk.....


8. The amazing mystery world


     The world in which the dragons live is truly the most amazing world even though there is danger. My group of three humans will be the first humans to ever see it. 

     They also must beware of danger,  intentional  or unintentional.  Either way, they must be prepared at all times. Especially Sapphire. ( and Dylan to a degree )


     I have been thinking about what Ernest would do to Sapphire. I never thought she was that important to come with us. 

     Look, I'm not trying to be snotty. She just doesn't seem that special, who cares? Oh well, I won't ditch her or hurt her. Though I want her gone. I want to be the one. 


     Oh my freaking gosh! I am so excited ! I'm with kind friends, a caring dragoness, and a hot boy that sort of know, and I'm going to an amazing place I bet! I am soo freaking out happily! If that makes sense. I'm probably smiling like an idiot. 


     I've never seen anyone so excited in my life like Sapphire.  Except for when I opened my birthday present when I was 8.  It was an expensive skateboard with fire painted on it.  Anyways,  Sapphire is so excited about this trip. I wouldn't blame her, for we are journeying to dragon fire falls, where Ernest's cave is. Dragon fire falls is a secret area where dragons hide. Ernest will pick a dragon protecter to protect dragons. Why? I don't know, they must be in ancient, terrible danger.


Five minutes later

     We landed in a forest about 82 miles away from our destination.  Ernest said she needed to rest her wings, and that we had to stop for our dinner. Plus I needed to use a restroom. What? I'm human.  Anyways, Dylan went to go hunt some food for our dinner. 


" yes sapphire?" ( I loved the way her name felt  in my words) 

" please, please don't get hurt while you're hunting!" 

" I'll be fine, sapphire " with that he left. 


    Dylan's POV

     I can't help but notice the concern in her voice as she spoke to me. It seems like she cared about me unlike my sister Tayloria. I barely know Sapphire, we don't know much about each other and yet, I'm growing feelings towards her. Well, I better focus on my hunting. 

    I don't want to admit it but I am slightly worried about hunting alone.  There could be things around here that eat humans. I keep walking and hear a twig break. I knock my arrow onto the string and stay still. I see a figure.....

Swoosh! I let my arrow go, and it hits the heart of a deer. 

I drag the deer to our little campsite and start cooking when u head a voice speak to me.

" Dylan! She said. " I'm  so glad you're back! You were gone for an hour!"

"I'm, s-" I was cut in the middle of the sentence when Tayloria said to Sapphire 

" actually it was only 45 minutes" 

    Sapphire went red  with embarrassment. 

" Hey, it's alright Tayloria! She was just worried." I turn to face Sapphire. "  I'm fine sapphire.  Thanks for your concern. Believe it or not, I'm glad you asked. "

 I  begin to clean and slice the deer so we can eat.

" Thanks for the rotten food bro. " Tayloria didn't sound thankful. Just sarcastic.

" Thanks Dylan." Sapphire said

" you're welcome. " then I say to Tayloria " unlike you who is thankful for nothing. "

" well, now I know who's your  favorite person. "  she scowls at me. I can't help it, but I burst out laughing.  Dylan does as well. 


Thanks guys! Appreciate you much! 💜

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