This is a story about a wolf named Rainwater. She goes through trials and a difficult life. She may find important info to stop all of the wars and other things.


1. Beginning of mythologmus

There is a world, here on our earth, where dragons, wolves, unicorns, and all the other mythic animals live. They eat there, breed here, they protect it here. This world is  called : Mythologmus.  ( myth- ol-a-gmus.

     This world has been alive for centuries and decades. It was made for mythological animals and people.  This legend if you dare call it, has been long forgotten. Mythologmus Was made through two creatures. ....

     First off, there were two constellations. A dragon and a wolf. 


The wolf took some stardust and space rocks. She cracked the two together and dragon blew his starfire. He blew the starfire on the stardust and meteorite ( space rock) and the fire heated it up to make land. 

     The water was made by the wolf's tears when her husband went onto the land. She was sad he left her up there with the constellations. So she decided to leave as well. When she went to the land she saw bodies of water that she made with her own tears. 

     Dragon made the sun with his fire and the heat from his staring eyes. If you looked straight at it, your eyes would burn and dry out. Only he and his wife wolf could see the creation. 

     Wolf made the plants. With her kindness and charity and also wisdom, she had the power to make the plants and animals. When she spoke to them, they would grow and shine, along with her husband's fierceness, wiseness, and courage they were able to make each thing that lives there.

     When they were finished, together they named it Mythologmus. Meaning, " Land of life and love."




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