The sect


2. Two

He came into the room and everyone fell silent. It was like the big calm down came, and all were aiming their attention to the stage.
"That's him!"
Emelie whispered those words, and then she looked wide-eyed at Harry. Yes, he was really something to look at. Dressed only in a pair of red pants, naked torso so that you could see all the tattoos. He had a narrow, yet supple body. His hair hung down over his shoulders and his green eyes were intense. You could say that his whole attitude and personality fit into the whole thing. He was truly a leader for those people, and he looked  like a cult leader who was after to attract all the innocent lamb into his religion. I understood why everyone was so enthralled by him. He had a relaxed posture, his smile was dazzling, and his eyes sucked in everything that he saw. He stood in the middle of the stage and he seemed to feel how everyone felt around us. He then slid down sitting with legs folded in front of him and he put his hands lightly on his thighs. He seemed to look at everyone in the room and he was quiet. I didn't feel discomfort, but I wondered if this was something that suited me, to be here for him? A man who all worshiped and all my alarm bells rang in my head. Still, I chose to remain, because otherwise I would be seen by Harry, if I left the room and went home. I looked around the room. All stared straight at him, and everyone was excited. Harry seemed to want that impact. He waited for the right moment to start talking. He pulled easily a hand through his hair and he put his head askew.
"I feel distrust."
Direct I turned my attention towards him again. Okay, I sensed that he had already seen who was new  for the evening and who had been there before? I knew how it worked.
"But I promise you that you wont doubt after tonight!" he went dark and dull on. It was so quiet in the room that you could hear a pin landing on the cold floor. He took a breath and his eyes watched us. I swallowed, and one thing was certain. I didn't want to come back here after this meeting. It was cult warnings written on his forehead and I already sensed that he would try to convince everyone what he believed in.
"I come in peace and I have only peaceful intentions." He almost seemed to sense that I was there. I know, that was a far-fetched thought, but still. "My words are simple. Give love and you will get love. Our Father sees everything that happens, and through love, he will let you into heaven."
I wrinkled my nose. Maybe Harry thought he was Jesus? I looked quickly at Emelie. She sat and just smiled at all that. I looked back at him.
"You'll forget all the old books and all the old tales. The only truth is that I will forgive your sins and help you get back on track." Harry smiled bigger and his eyes shone. "Love for others give more back than hatred and to trust another person is more obvious than disbelief. The truth is that it's your heart that will give you all that and not conditioned mentally. I know the truth and God has spoken to me. The world will to go under, but only for those who feel hatred and contempt. Through love and trust you will be saved from the eternal fire. I'll save you, and I will give you harmony."


Okay, summary... What he talked about was love, peace, and that the sky is there for all of us. I wasn't impressed, but I chose to watching him. Harry was really good looking. He had something that appealed. I saw at all the girls in the room how they pined for him. I assumed that even the guys had their reasons for being there. Maybe they looked up to him? I sensed that Harry could flirt and maybe he found the way to people through his influence? Personally, I tried to think clearly. If the world could be saved by love, why did not talk all the other religions of the piece? He seemed to think he was the right choice and that we wanted to attend and participate with him. I felt tired in the end. This wasn't what I had hoped for.


I was about to leave the house when Emelie stopped me. She was quickly in front of me and she smiled big.
"He wants to meet you."
I frowned.
She rolled her eyes, but the smile remained.
"Harry, of course!"
I guessed why. He had probably seen me as a doubter, and now he wanted to convince me, as if it mattered. I took a deep breath and I went with her to a staircase that went up to the second floor. A guy stopped us.
"He wants to meet her alone."
I saw how disappointed Emelie was but she nodded a little bit and then looked at me.
"I'll wait here."
I nodded, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to meet Harry, alone? But what choice did I have? I hesitated. It was full of people on the first floor and I looked up at an empty second floor. I understood that many saw this, as an honor, to be alone with him, but I felt all the warnings appear in my head. I looked over at the guy again.
"Did he say why he wanted to see me?"
The guy laughed and pulled easily a hand through his hair.
"No, we believe that it's up to him, Harry's choices, what he does with his time."
Odd answers. I frowned but I chose to go up the stairs. I came up to a long corridor and the furthest away was a door and there was two guys, standing outside the door. Okay, he had guards everywhere? I swallowed and began to walk toward them. They smiled and I understood that they suspecting who I was. Maybe this was how it happened, how he did it with everyone? Emelie had securely been up there and been mesmerized by that he gave her a few minutes of his time? A sect needed the lambs to trust the leader and Harry didn't seemed to leave no room for free choice. Okay, I had no idea if that was a good conclusion, but that was how I felt when I arrived at the door. One guy opened the door and nodded to me to walk in.


When the door was closed behind me, I saw a large room and along the walls there were pillows of all shapes on the floor. The window was covered with a dark cloth, which meant that the room had muted lighting. Some candles was burning in the middle of the room, on a large tray and it was the only light. Straight ahead, I then saw him. He sat on the cushions and he looked at me intensely. I stood just where I was and I was stiff all over. Was this his way of showing that he was divine?
"Sit down!"
His voice was dark, sultry, seductive and caused my body to react. I tried to put up walls against him and I tried to think clearly. I looked around the room and chose a place far away from him. I slid down on the floor, on a pillow and immediately I saw a smile spread on his lips. I sensed that he wanted me to sit beside him, but I chose to prove that I was difficult to persuade.
"You can't feel good to feel contempt against me." he started with. "I can feel your energy gets colder and I understand you. Your friend brought you here, and you imagine that I'm a crazy person?"
I swallowed.
"Aren't you?"
He laughed a little bit and took his hand through his hair. He stood up and slowly he walked towards me. He stopped right in front of me. As he stood with his back to the candles, his body was like a big shadow before me. His hair hung down over his shoulders and got his revelation to almost look scary.
"You don't open your heart. I'm not here in your city to attract the people into madness." He slid down on his haunches and his eyes looked straight into mine. "I am here to create understanding and cohesion. All wont want to listen, but I'm not looking to create a mass movement."
I frowned.
"So are you going to start a cult?"
He shook his head and I caught a glimpse of a smile.
"No... I'll not do that." he whispered hoarsely. "I only have the ability to talk to God and to pass on his words. I am not Jesus or something more than a man."
I snorted.
"Only that allowed me to back off."
He laughed a little and slid down on his knees. He put his hands on his thighs and he put his head askew.
"Is it that difficult to understand that a man can talk to God?"
I snorted.
"Yes, because I have studied psychology and I have..."
He leaned forward and I fell silent. He got too close and I had no chance to disappear.
"You are a seeker, you want answers, but you don't allow the answers to satiate your hunger." I heard him say. "You want all religions to be the right one, but you wander around in the dark. If you just stop and listen, God can tell you what to do."
I swallowed and I didn't know what to say. He held up a hand against my cheek and when his palm met my skin, it was as if the whole I became numb.
"God has a plan for you." he said with a quiet voice and his smile was dazzling. "I'll help you find your way."
I swallowed.
"And why should you help me?" I got up. "The whole room downstairs is filled with people who think you can help?"
He nodded a little bit.
"But everyone doesn't need that help from me. Some are happy with just knowing that I have the answer, others want more and then there are those who are like you."
"Like me?"
He let his fingers caress my cheek and it was almost an unbelievable feeling to feel his fingers against my skin. It didn't help that he had no shirt on, and he was a man and that I was a woman. I admit that I hadn't had sex in a long time, and that part of me was like a desert, but I pushed away those thoughts, about naked bodies. I wasn't even interested in Harry, but when he did this to me, he influenced me.
"Give me a chance."
I swallowed.
He picked up the other hand and he held my face between his hands. Damn, I felt like a doll, like a slave, like a puppy in front of him.
"You know why."
I frowned.
He moved his face closer and I was surprised when his lips met my forehead and he kissed me softly. He leaned back and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Nelly, you'll understand, but I can't explain now, not when you don't want to listen to me. All I want is that you come here tomorrow night and take part in the meeting."
He let go of my face and he grabbed my wrist. I was seduced when he took my hand and put my palm against his chest. I felt his heart beating, I felt his warmth from his body.
"Do you feel me Nelly?"
I snatched after air.
"You know... my name ...?"
Harry smiled and he put both his hands over my hand.
"Of course I know your name!" he said quickly, and as if that was a daft question. "I know everything about you Nelly."
He put his head askew again and he looked at me closely.
"God tells me. He tells me everything. All I need to do is listen and I'll teach you to listen to his words."

I don't know why I let him hold my hand like that. I don't know how he managed to make me go on with this, but I was like jelly in his hand. I just stared at him and I had such a big desire to caress the rest of his body, but I chose not to do so.
"Don't you feel my love for you?"
His words were like magic in my eyes. My wall was gone and I had nothing to put against him. It was as if he gently rocked me into cotton and in a world where only he and I played the big role. He slid down sitting with one leg on each side of me and he continued to hold my hand against his chest. I couldn't stop, I couldn't think.
"God, give me your soul." he whispered hoarsely. "You belong to me and you know it."
I swallowed.
He put his head askew and he looked down at my lips.
"Well you are mine." he whispered firmly. "And I will make you to understand that and you will be the one as you are supposed to be."
Harry let go of my hand, but I held it still there, on his body, as if I were spellbound. He liked it.
"You already understand." he muttered dark and laid again, the head askew. He observed my face, my lips and my hair. "You shall have no other man besides me and you have to be faithful."
I swallowed.
"You mean we're together? Just like that, without further...?"
He laughed a little.
"It's God's will." he said as if that were obvious. "And none of us want to go against God's will."
I hesitated.
"But he said nothing to me?"
Harry become a little more serious.
"No, because you didn't listen." and I had almost expected that answer. "But if you follow the path as he has given you, and let me steer you, God will be pleased and he will give you the love as insight."


Emelie was excited when I came back down stairs. I was in a fog, in a tunnel. What was it as really had happened? What was it he had said to me? The last thing he had said when I left the room was: "When we are married, no one will stop us." I hesitated over that thought. You don't choose a man like that? Or do we? Did I really had a boyfriend now? I hesitated over the thought.
"What did he say?"
Emelie was full of eagerness to hear what had happened. I looked up at her and I hesitated over whether she wanted to know.
"He said I'm his girlfriend?"
She first became quiet as if I lied to her, but then she tried to smile.
"He said what?"
I frowned.
"I'm not sure what he really said, but he was talking about that I belonged to him."
Emelie seemed to be as surprised as I was over that. But unlike me, she seemed to believe that his word was my law, and she smiled at last, as if that was normal.
"Okay, so then you may come back and be with him?"
I shook my head quickly. Reality came back and I realized how crazy it all was.
"No, I can't come back." I quickly got back and I decided to really believe in my words. "He wanted me to come here tomorrow night, but to morrow I'm going to stay home."
Emelie become confused.
"So you don't want to be his girlfriend?"
I shook my head quickly and we walked toward the door out.
"No, I'm not attracted by his... body..." well, that was his body, his eyes that made me land in his power. I was sure he knew he had that charisma and he took advantage of it, to gain access to little girls like me.
I canceled Emelie quickly.
"No, I wont be his girlfriend. I know nothing about him and you just can't be together with a guy, not in that way."




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