The sect


3. three

"How was that meeting?"
My mother was curious. I realized one thing. She didn't want to know the truth. I slipped into the kitchen and I smiled at her.
"Well, that all didn't suit me." I answered honestly. "One guy was talking about peace and love and I must admit that I wasn't attracted."
She laughed a little and she looked curiously at me.
"As usual?"
I nodded a little bit.
"Yes, as usual."
She nodded, and she understood. She knew that her daughter was anything but easy to get into a movement. I had tried everything and nothing had given me peace in my mind.
"Dad and I go over to Grandma's tomorrow." she went and changed the subject. "I guess you can pass a day alone?"
I nodded and sat down at the kitchen table. I had exams to study for and that took my time out from everything. She knew I would have said no if she had asked if I wanted to join them.
"We leave tomorrow morning." she continued. "And come home in the evening, but there's food in the fridge to warm and you get free access to the house."
I laughed.
"A party?"
She snorted as she knew I was teasing her.
"No, no party!" she replied firmly tongue in cheek. "It's Sunday, and then you won't have parties."
I agreed and laughed a little.
"I promise to take care of myself and I have still much to do. We have three tests next week."


I don't know why I searched for information on Harry Styles. It just happened, and when I came in on his website, I was hooked. He called the sect, or church, One Direction and he explained his words easily and what his goal was. It was as if I again landed in the fog. He described God's love, that all hate only begets the devil and that all people should gather together in a single colony for peace. I went in to the side as told me about Harry, as a person, but I become disappointed. It was only about when he discovered God and when he first talked to God. It was like he didn't even want to tell us about his age, where he was born or where he came from. There were so many questions as he didn't answer. His parents, his siblings, his grades from school or his friends? I mean, normal people usually want to tell all others about their background, but Harry was the opposite of that. He told me nothing about himself. Everything was just about his search for the answer, and that he had now got the answer. He suggested that only by coming to his meetings, we were able to get answers. I frowned. The images of him was appealing. In some pictures he had the bare upper body, a belt or strap around his neck and his hair hung down over his face, but it was his eyes that made me groan. Damn, I shouldn't feel those emotions. He was a stranger, and I was sure he was mentally disturbed, unstable and all that as crazy people was.

I woke up in the morning with uncertainty. I had dreamed about Harry all night and all the time he had said that I had to come back to him. I had a headache and I couldn't even say goodbye, when my parents went away. Instead, I lay in bed until the afternoon and felt small. I had anxiety that I was going to stay home and not obeying Harry's words. I felt the anxiety that I so easily had agreed to his words, but in retrospect I realized how crazy it sounded. I was split in two parts and I was shattered. No other person had had that  effect on me. I'd had older men who wanted to convince me of one thing or the other thing, but I had always argued against them. I was the girl who had the answers to everything, but I dropped the answers when Harry was talking to me. I groaned and sat up in bed. I had a life and I wouldn't let anyone affect my life.


It was six o'clock in the evening. I gave up my attempt to learn more and I looked at the clock. Harry was waiting for me? Yes, that feeling echoed in my body and took over my mind, but I was sure that I did the right thing to I keep myself away from him and I showed him that I wasn't like everyone else. He would now understand that it was a no from me?


The doorbell rang at half past seven. I chose to open the door, even that I could pretend I wasn't home. It was Emelie and when I opened the door I noticed right away that she wasn't in a good mood. She was pale and she was nervous. Behind her, on the street was a car waiting. I frowned and looked at her again.
She hesitated.
"Eh, they're here to pick you up."
She nodded.
"Yes, Harry require you to be there."
Okay, he had sent her to get me? I was almost annoyed.
"So he doesn't take no for an answer?"
She shook her head.
"And you never said no to him." she hoarse got forward. "He said you didn't even seemed to be against the idea."
I snorted.
"No, I had no choice and you know why I'm home. I wont see him again, or be a girl as..."
The car door opened and a man stepped out of the car. He had short hair, stubble and was generally well-trained. He smiled awry when he came to the stairs, and I suspected that he looked straight at me.
"You must come with us." he said with a firm voice. I snorted.
"I don't go with strangers."
He smiled a little amused.
"I'm Liam." he said kindly. "I'm here to pick you up and I can't go until you come with us."
"So you're his slave?"
He shook his head.
"No, I'm his right hand."
I was about to say no again when Liam took a menacing step toward me.
"You will go with us." he got up. "Harry's waiting for you and we have prepared everything for this evening, you'll get there."
I shivered all over. I looked at Emelie quickly.
"So ... I have to...?"
Liam nodded and Emelie just looked at me, or down on the ground.
"Okay, wait..."
I went in and put on my shoes and jacket. I tried to put out the light everywhere and then I went out and locked the door. Throughout those minutes I tried to think of what I would say to avoid having to go to Harry, but all as I thought about was that I had to go and no one would help me.


I chose to go into the car, in the back seat and Liam was quick to sit next to me. As the car rolled away, I realized that Emelie hadn't jumped into the car. I was about to say that to Liam, but his face told me to be quiet. I chose not to ask about it and peered out through the back window. Emelie stood still outside my house and I saw at her posture that even she wasn't especially happy.
"She'll be fine."
Liam's voice was firm and when I looked at him, he smiled at me and he got me to turn foreward.
"She's my friend." was the only thing I could think of to say. Liam seemed to already know about that part.
"But tonight there's no place for her."
I swallowed.
"So what exactly is it as going to happen?"
Liam almost laughed to my question.
"Let's just say that Harry is happy, now as you will show up. He expects us to be there in ten minutes and I intend to keep my promise, to get you there."
I snorted.
"So his word is your law?"
Liam shook his head.
"No, I do it for the love for God and to my leader."
I chose to roll your eyes.
"So it's a cult or something like that, as he want to have?"
He shook his head, and he was almost amused.
"Nelly, you don't need to think about that part, what it is or isn't. He doesn't want to create such a movement and he will only teach us love and understanding."
I looked out the window and I felt uneasy.
"But he forces me to go there?"
Liam agreed with me.
"But he has a good reason."
I looked at him again.
"A good reason? His words, and you can't go back and tell him that I'm not interested?"
He laughed again.
"Wait and see. I know it will work out between you."


The whole house was illuminated with lamps. I heard music and singing when I went out of the car and I noticed movement in the house. It was as if I were going to a party. Mom's words echoed in his head. "On Sundays, you shouldn't have parties." and I smiled a little bit. I was really hoping that they would be worried, call Emily and then to the police, but at the same time my mom trusted me. She always knew that I came home.


In the main room, where I had previously been at the first meeting, it was filled with people. They danced around one by one. The music was inspired from India or something similar. I didn't recognize it. All were dressed in white robes and everyone laughed as if they were overjoyed. Liam took me quickly towards the stairs and up to the second floor. There stood a white-clad girl and she smiled as soon as she saw me.
I swallowed.
She laughed a little bit, nodded to Liam that it was okay and took me then to a small room. There were only a couple of pillows on the floor. I suspected that Harry hated furniture. She took out a white nightgown and she showed it to me.
"You switch on to this. Take off all your clothes and put on this."
I frowned.
"And why would..."
She gave me a warning glance and I immediately understood why.
"Harry want that?"
She nodded.
"And you will do as he says."
I hesitated.
"Should I take off all my clothes?"
She nodded happily.
"Yes, all in the house are without any thing under the dresses, this wonderful evening."
I swallowed.
She became a little irritated.
"Stop asking questions. You should do as the rest of us and you're more than happy to take your own clothes later, after the meeting but not now."
I chose not to ask more, but I hesitated.
"I don't usually changed in front of strangers."
She snorted.
"I'm his sister." she murmured. "I am.... Gemma and I have seen naked girls before and I'm a girl."
Still! I frowned.
"His sister?"
She walked up to me.
"Take off your clothes and do as I want you to do."


This was a remarkable experience. I chose to change, but I was ashamed over my own nakedness. Gemma didn't seemed to care and she was quick to get the white cloth over my body. It was as if she didn't understand. I was young and I wasn't used to her manners. She was happy when I was done. She folded my clothes together and took them. I followed her out from the room.
"Wait here!" she said as soon as she noticed that I was with her. I stood by the door. She went into another room and seemed to put the clothes in there, then she came back with a silly smile.
"Good, now it all begin."



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