The sect


6. Six

My new life? I woke up in the morning, saw Harry take on clothes and leave the room and me myself, I had no idea what I would do or what would happen. I chose to leave the bed, a shower and look through the room for clothes. I found white dresses and some underwear. I found no shoes, so I put on a pair of socks, which kept my feet a little more warm. Then I went down to the lower floor and into the kitchen. I was right. Some girls stood and cooked breakfast and all the time it came in new people into the room and some went out as if this was a dinner aria. As soon as they saw me appeared a girl and she smiled big at me.
"You'll sit at Harry's table."
I snorted, because it sounded as if Harry had demands that. She showed me to a smaller table and picked up fast food for me and put it there.
"I'm Perrie." she said kindly. "And Harry has said that I have an important part of your life."
I had to fight not to laugh.
"Okay? So you'll give me food?"
General question but she seemed pleased that I asked.
"Yes, and I and Gemma will help you with everything during the day." she said as if that were obvious and a needed thing to do for me. "Gemma can all that about fashion and I do the other stuff for you. We will ensure that God's wife gets what she needs."
I just wanted to pass out. I slid down on the chair and I tried to think like myself.
"Please, I'm just a girl." I whispered hoarsely. "I'm not God's woman."
She giggled a little bit.
"Harry said you'd say those words to me and he even said that I still need to do what I'm told to do."
I chose to swallow the words as I had intended to say to her. I understood that I couldn't just speak out loud what I thought about, not now and not later. She poured the tea into the cup and then she went off to help the others. I quickly noticed that I was in an odd situation. The girls looked at me as if I were a star or something. The guys were more hidden and chose to just look at me when they thought I didn't see that. I wondered if Harry had said that I was forbidden to look at? But the issue disappeared when a blonde guy showed up. He had blue eyes and a big warm smile.
"I just want to introduce myself." he said with an Irish voice. "I'm Niall and it's I who will be very much up in Harry's computer room."
I looked up at him. So this was Niall? He was the one as made sure that the website was okay?
"I've heard him mention you." I got up. Niall laughed a little and he sat down on the chair opposite me.
"I just have to say you are prettier from what I had imagined."
I swallowed.
"Eh, what?"
He blushed a little bit.
"Yes, Harry has actually told me about you and he said you were a normal girl from a normal town. I saw before me a, you know, a little more shy person. You are more full of life from what I had imagined."
I put the tea cup on the table and I was amused.
"Really?" I got up. "Do I look like I'm more used to all this or what?"
He laughed a little bit.
"No, I just mean that you are prettier from what I had imagined." he swallowed and cleared his throat a little. "But I also know that you belong to Harry, and I'm thankful that God gave him such a sweet girl."
I didn't know if I would take this as something good or something bad. I quickly changed topic.
"So you'll be with us and fix the website?"
He nodded happily.
"Yes, I update it and add the images and the things as I have to put out there." he said proudly. "Harry is very careful with that we update so that others know about what's going to happen."
I understood. Harry wanted to get others to be attracted to the house and with that, increase the amount of slaves?
"Maybe you can help me?" Niall continued. "You will still be up there more time than I and Harry is busy with other things, and it's fun to have company?"
I nodded a little bit. Perhaps that would be my duty?
"Yes, but I can't anything about websites."
He put his head askew and he smiled big.
"I can teach you everything." he said kindly. "And I'm sure that Harry wants to put a more personal stamp on the website. I can talk to him and ask if it's okay?"
I frowned.
"So he has to approve..."
Niall interrupted me quickly.
"I promise that there wont be any problems." he whispered rapidly. "Harry just want that you're here for his sake, but why not have something to do in the meantime?"
I liked Niall. I was sure that he was a more down to earth guy against all the others, and he understood that I would get tedious days. I nodded a little bit.
"If it's okay for you and I do it."
He nodded back and he stood up quickly.
"Maybe I'll see you later?" he got up. "And don't worry. Harry will give you something to do during the days."
I nodded and smiled back.
"Thank you for offering me that chore."
He sneezed teasing.
"It's okay." He began to walk toward the door. "I'm still happy just being joined."


Liam made sure that I would go back to upstairs after breakfast. I was like a prisoner on the first day. I sat at one of the windows and looked out at the farm. Everyone did something. It was they who took care of the animals, there were those who were out in the field and also created a vegetable garden. There were women who took care of the kids and everyone seemed so happy. I quickly realized that everyone seemed to be there voluntarily? Was it just me who was kidnapped?


Harry appeared out of nowhere and ran into the room. He quickly took hold of me and pushed me up against the wall. I felt his hand around my throat and he stared straight into my eyes.
"You shall not have no other man, just me, no other than me."
I panicked when the air began to run out. I swallowed.
He growled hoarsely as an answer.
"Niall, you want to fuck him, right? Don't you?"
I realized what it was about. I shook my head, or I tried to do so.
He released me, but he was angry.
"You want him, eh?"
No, I didn't want any of the idiots as worked for him, because I realized how it looked in his eyes. I sensed that Niall had asked about the website and Harry had reacted in this way.
"How can I have another?" I whispered quietly. "I'm in the room and I haven't even met anyone more than him and all he did was talk to me."
Harry pulled the hand through his dark hair, and he stared at me.
"Did he touch you?"
I frowned.
Harry relaxed a little more, but he stood still in front of me. He took one hand on each side of my head and he continued to look in my eyes, as if I had done something wrong.
"God don't trust you." he hissed cold. "God thinks that you might be cheating and that against everything that I believe in, even against me."
Okay, one thing was certain. Harry's Good was inside him, his own voice. That realization made me understand a single thing. He didn't speak with God, he spoke with his own demons, the voices which we normally call conscience.
"God is wrong!" I got up. I was scared and I felt the pain around the neck. He had really been angry at me. I tried to be confident, although that feeling just flowed down from me.
"God is never wrong!"
I tried not to make any movement.
"Well, in this case!" I replied quickly. "I haven't been with Niall or with any other man more than you."
Harry put his head askew. Her hair hung down over his cheeks and he almost looked like a crazy person. He looked at my face as if he was thinking about to trust me.
"And if another man touch you?"
I tried to put myself in his mind.
"Then I tell that right to you."
A faint smile was spread on his lips. Such a smile that said that he won this fight, between us, although I felt the opposite.
"And you promise that?"
I nodded.
"Well, who else would I talk to?"
He took a relieved sigh. One of his hand slipped around my neck and it was as if he was trying to massage away the pain as I felt after what he had done to me.
"Sorry!" he whispered hoarsely, looking down on my neck. "I was angry because it seemed to be something else and not what you telling me right now."
I swallowed. The hand caressing my neck and then it slid down over my one breast. He looked back into my eyes.
"Your body's mine, only mine." he hissed cold, even that his face said something else. It was as if he had many people in his head. "You can just be with me and no one else."
I nodded. I said nothing as he quickly let his hand slide down, pull up the dress and then grab me hard between my legs.
"This also belongs to me." he continued firmly. I nodded and I felt that he just held me down there, nothing more.
"I promise that I belong to you."
He removed his hand and he backed away. He merely nodded and then he looked out the window. He seemed to call what I had seen before he did this, so he knew I didn't see anything that I wouldn't see.
"You can't show yourself as this." he said. "I have to solve the problem with the windows as are to open."
Then he just left me.


Later in the afternoon, Gemma came up with fabric in her hands. She covered all the windows with a thin, nearly transparent fabric. Yet that prevented me from to look out and see what was happening around the house. I didn't dare to contradict that and I chose to keep a low profile.
"He just wants to protect you." she explained, as if I should be happy. "The others can't see you as a normal girl." She turned around to look at me and smiled. "They'll see you as his."
She noted quickly that I didn't like that idea. She laughed a little bit.
"Get used to his love." she said kindly. "He worships you, and he does everything for you to be protected."
But the truth was something else. He hid from the world. I knew that in a few months, no one would know if I was alive or dead or something in between.



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