The sect


7. Seven

I got to be with them on the first major farm meeting. Everyone gathered around a fire. On one side there were two chairs and it was there as Harry and I would sit. Everyone else sat on the ground and when the sun had started to disappear then it started. I sat quietly and listened to the problems as had arisen since we got there.
"The food is not enough for everyone."
"We must go back into the city and beg for money so we can buy food."
"One cow is sick!"
And so on. Harry listened and I saw at him that he really thought about everything.
"Okay, we'll split us into groups and take turns to beg for money. At the same time, we can spread the message that we are here." he said contentedly. "I guess we have to start with a really big city?"
I guessed that he didn't wanted to return to my hometown. Niall agreed.
"And we should say that the money goes to good purpose?"
Harry snorted.
"No you wont lie. You're to say that a new church is started as work directly under God."
I wanted to roll my eyes, but I managed to sit still and just look at him.
"We are the only people who know God's love and feel it inside us." he continued firmly. "And we wont lie about that part. We'll spread the word and the next person who wants to be with us, have to pay."
There was silence, and Harry understands why.
"Yeah, he or she still will leaves a life behind and why not share resources with everyone?"
Liam sighed a little bit.
"But isn't that to force them to give up everything?"
Harry chose to smile and he stood up and looked out over all the people who were there.
"No, it's to let them choose. Give the money to God or deselect God. I don't force you to come here and I tell you again. God's love is bigger than the money you had in the bank. Giving us money means that you open your hearts to God and to mankind." I felt the whole body shuddered over fear of what he thought inside his little head. "When they come here, they encounter love and will direct be a part of us. I give them more than what that money could do and they give us voluntarily their assets. If not, they may return to a sinful life."
Harry sat down and he seemed to believe his own words.
"We are peace! We are working with love and we are the ones who take care of those who need us." He then looked at me quickly, and he took my hand. "With love and understanding, God will give you more than whatever this poor earth can ever give you."


"I'm not sure that all that will happen."
I saw an angry guy who stopped us and stood in front of Harry and me, we didn't come into the house. Harry held my hand tightly, and he stared at him.
"Louis, I have no time for your opinion." he growled cold. "You agreed to participate, your own free will, and therefore you are behind everything as happens."
Louis snorted. He crossed his arms and he show us with the body that he was angry.
"You get this to look like a sect, and from the beginning we said that we wouldn't come to that point where..."
Harry interrupted him.
"Shut up!"
Louis rolled his eyes and then he looked at me, with a little more friendly eyes.
"And you didn't come here on your own free will."
Not an issue, it was a comment, and that comment didn't Harry like. He taking a threatening step toward him.
"And what have you to do with it?"
Louis wasn't afraid of Harry. He made no threat, but I saw the tension between them. And in a way I was relieved that at least one single person now knew that I was kidnapped, or at least not there on my own free will.
"Harry, you go over the limit."
Harry growled and he laid his head askew.
"Coming from the man who lay buried in drugs when I found him?"
Louis snorted.
"I'm grateful that you found me, but I am not indebted to you if you are tracking out this way."
Liam appeared and quickly he withdrew Louis from us, from our way. I quickly looked at Louis and he looked quickly at me. It was as if that second said it all. He realized what I already knew. Harry was about to go crazy and maybe it was already too late to stop him?
"You know what to do." Harry mumbled to Liam. "Keep your Eyes open."
After that did Harry pulled me toward the house. I didn't dare say anything, but I turned on my head and saw how Liam then started a fight with Louis. I suspected that Louis was the first in a line of people who realized the truth.
"Don't listen to others." I heard Harry say. He held up the door for me and I went inside. "They're crazy."
I swallowed.
"But he...?"
Harry closed the door and then he pressed me up against it. I felt my back landed on the cold surface and his breath swept across my face.
"Nelly, the only thing you need to know is what we have." he whispered hoarsely. He took his hands around my waist and he gave me a hard kiss. "I'm all you need and you're all that matters to me."
Contradictory because God ought to be more important?
"We are one!" he muttered hoarsely and let his lips slide down my throat. He took his hands under my buttocks and lifted me up against the door. I hesitated. We were on the wrong floor, but I didn't dare say anything. He was fast and he pulled down my panties. Quickly he snapped up his own pants and quickly he then penetrated. I held my breath and I felt the pain, because I wasn't ready. I took my legs and arms around him and the pain turned to something else.
"My Nelly!"
His words echoed out from his lips. He quickly began to move on his hip and he slapped me hard into the door. I closed my eyes and I felt how he took possession over me. This was what he needed to have, what I wanted was unimportant.


I saw another side of Harry that night. He took me to the bathroom, took off my clothes and put me in a steaming hot tub. He took a sponge, and he washed me, he shampooed my hair and he made me clean. I wondered if it had anything with shame to do, or if he just cared. When he was finished, he wiped my body and he put me naked into bed. I was wrapped in the blanket, and then he disappeared into the bathroom to do the same with his own body. I just lay there and looked up at the ceiling. I understood that I was forced to try to come up with a plan. I wanted to take myself away from this place before I got pregnant or before hell broke out


Harry came back and he pulled away the blanket. Naked, he lay down behind my back, pulled the covers up around us and put his arms around me. I felt his nose against my hair, the way he smelled me and his breath.
"Nelly!" he whispered hoarsely and carefully. "I know I forced you, but I had a reason."
I swallowed and I realized one thing. He tried to be honest.
"What was the reason?"
He heard the question, but it took time before he answered.
"I fell in love."
I frowned.
"When?" I asked quickly. "I was there with a friend and I don't remember you saw me?"
He laughed a little.
"I'm good at theater." Also that was the truth. "And I didn't dare stare at you."
I took a deep breath.
"So God ...?"
He put his fingers over my lips.
"No, not until later." he whispered happily. "I couldn't let you go out of my thoughts after our first meeting, and it was then as God decided that I just had to have you."
That was a lie.
"So it wasn't your conscience?"
He shook his head.
"No, not this time. God said that you were the woman who would make my world rocking and as could learn to love me." He kissed me on the ear. " can learn to love me?"
I wanted to say no, but then he had only been angry.
"If you stop lying to me,"
Harry nodded a little bit.
"I promise." he whispered hoarsely. "No more lies."
I smiled a little bit. He sounded honest.
"And I want to meet my parents."
Directly he seemed to dislike that. He put his head down on the pillow and buried his nose in my hair.
"I don't know..."
I snorted.
"Well, you can at least let me tell them that I'm live?"
He pondered. Then he came up with a solution as suited him.
"You can write a letter and Liam gives it to them."
I didn't trust those words.
"And how do I know if they will get my letter?"
He swallowed.
"They can write back to you?"
I thought about it. I knew how my mom's handwriting looked like and I could see if he was lying, by allowing someone else to answer my letter.
He was now yawning.
"Yes, tomorrow!"





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