The sect


1. One

I can't say that I was a Christian person or even a spiritual person, but in the age of sixteen, I tried to find all the answers to everything. What's the meaning of life? What happens when we die? Why do I live? and so on. It was life issues that all teens go through, or some of us, and I was a deep brooder deep inside. Maybe I was an easy target? I was unsure about myself, I was easily to influenced and I always listened to what others said, before I myself got my own opinion. I liked humanity because we had the free will to decide for ourselves, and I was glad to have parents who didn't raised their eyebrow when I came home and talked about what I believed in, a new thing every year. I went through all the churches in the aria, I tried to even be a Wicca and I went through whatever was in front of me, but all had something that made me back off. In the church, or some church, they said that my parents would go to hell, unless they also participated. In some places, they said that I was a sinner and that I needed to be purified. I didn't like that they put sin stamp on me or on others around me. I just wanted answers and not a lot of crap...


"Please, Nelly, you just have to follow!"
Yes, it was my friend Emelie who was the one that brought me to that place. I sat on the bed, when she started to ask me, and I remembered so well her gaze at me. She had big pleading eyes and she almost seemed enchanted.
"So you were there one time and listened, and now, because of that, he has all the answers?"
She was like me. She wanted answers and she searched everywhere to be satisfied with her mind. In the recent past, she had gone to a new club, or a new church, or whatever, which was in the outskirts of the city. There was a man, who seemed to enchant all as who came to him and now she wanted me to go with her.
"Isn't it strange that one man has all the answers?" I asked, because I knew how it worked. Priests, speaker, and yes, those who believed themselves to be leaders. All had one thing in common, they needed those who helped.
"He's unique, I mean really unique." She slid down on the bed and smiled at me. "He answers all questions that everyone has, and he knows what he's talking about."
I frowned.
"So what's his guiding light? God, he himself or aliens?"
She laughed a little bit.
"No, he's more a man who believes that we have the answer inside ourselves."
I snorted.
"I've heard that before..."
Emelie rolled her eyes.
"Please, listen!" she said in a determined voice. "Harry isn't an ordinary man, he's a unique man and he can really capture all the questions as you and I have had."
I snorted.
"So what's the meaning of life according to Harry?"
She laughed mysteriously and she put her head slightly askew.
"If you come with me, he might answer the question?"

I leaned back and I watched her carefully.
"So you mean that Harry.....?"
She interrupted me quickly.
"Please, just come along!" she said quickly. "You have to see him to understand."
I chose not to ask more questions, because she obviously wasn't going to answer them.
She smiled big and she almost seemed to understand that it was a yes.
"Tomorrow." she said expectantly. "At six o'clock in the evening."
I chose to noodled a little bit.
"But if I don't like it, I'll go home."
She understood.
"Yes I promise!"




Harry Styles. The name was found on a billboard outside the house and the message was simple: "Together we are strong and by ourselves, we can realize our future." I snorted. Yet I couldn't help but watching him closely one more time, his picture. He was a slim man with long stringy hair. He looked sweet, and his face was appealing. He was wearing only a red plaid jacket with pants and his upper body revealed tattoos. Thus, he wasn't one of those ordinary people who denounced that you tattooed yourself and that jewelery was a sign from Satan?


The house was large. The biggest room had been created by that they removed the ceiling between two floors. On the floor were mats, where all sat down with their legs under them. Far away in the room was a simple scene, with lights as lit up just that area. I admit that I was taken aback. Many had come there and everyone was excited. It was as if everyone was waiting for a big rock star and everyone wanted to hear him sing. I swallowed and I gave Emelie a quick glance.
"So what happens now?"
She giggled a little bit and leaned toward me.
"Harry will appear when he knows that we're ready."
I rolled my eyes, but I didn't dare say anything. I sat down, and I tried not to expect a miracle.
"He's so handsome!" I heard a girl say. "He's God in my eyes."
I smiled a little bit. So he won over us just because he was a hunk? I wanted to say a bad comment but instead I bit up, because I was new this time.
"Where you hear last Saturday? He was wonderful and he made me cry!"

I peered toward that man, who said those words. He was a man, and Harry had made him cry? I frowned. Okay, warning. Was this brainwashing? I swallowed and I tried not to listen to more, to other people's comments. Instead, I sighted in my attention to Emelie.
"So he shows up when?"
She was happy.
"Yes well,,, he knows when the right time has come." she whispered back. "And you will love him."







If you're reading this, I hope you read more. When Harry put out the new pictures of him, those now available online, I received only one of those 70's feelings in the body. He tried to be a man from another time and that made me to see him in a new light. Harry suits all occasions and he's good looking to fit in all the decades.


I happened to begin to fantasize about those pictures, yes I'm that kind of girl as do that. Where he is? What's he doing and what's the meaning of the image. On those images where Harry has still with his long hair, but it's combed in a different way, it struck me that he looks like a cult leader, and never ask me never again why! He has a strap around his neck and he looks down on us. It's as if he has a security as no other man has. Yes, his sexiness doesn't make it more obvious hehehe... But look back at those pictures where he has his long hair, a belt around his neck and so on. It's that Harry who's included in this story.



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