The sect


4. Four

There was silence in the room, when Gemma took me there. All sat down and it was as if they where waiting for me. Gemma took me up to the stage, but sat me down on the floor in front of it, so I had my back to the others. I slid down on the floor and I hesitated over my existence. This was odd and I was unsure whether I wanted to know what would happen. I chose to not look at anyone else. Gemma placed herself next to me and she smiled big, the same smile as Emelie had got the first time we had been there. Harry came out, like he did the last time I saw him. He had a strap around his neck and immediately I wondered why. He was wearing a pair of red pants and that was all. He was barefoot and his hair hung down over his naked shoulders like I remembered it. He smiled wide and his eyes quickly found me. I was about to blush, but I chose to bite the bullet. I would do everything not to obey him, I didn't want to be like everyone else and do as he said. Harry slid down sitting in front of me, without dropping me with his eyes. He attracted me, he pulled me in and he did everything to tear down the wall around me. His smile was soft and his face was relaxed. Without releasing me with his eyes, he caught up all the others and it felt like it was his revelation which was obvious. In the end he chose even to look at all those as sat behind me in the room and he seemed satisfied with all.
"The bride has come to us, to me!"
His words made me stiffen. I didn't know if I should remain where I was. I wanted to leave, but my body said no. Thus, he felt that I was his? Harry looked at me again and he wasn't surprised by my reaction.
"God created a man And God Created a Woman. He created them for togetherness and love. He gave the world to them, and after that, that is how it is, how we should live, man and woman, side by side." Harry looked at the others. "You'll all get a partner, God will give me the signal who and when and where and how. Nelly is my faithful companion and don't be sorry that you are alone. You will have the same love as me in your life."
I quickly looked at Gemma. She seemed to believe every word. I suspected that this would go wrong. Harry wanted to chose who got to be with who?
"The word from God is big and God's heart holds all of us inside and he listen to us in this room." Harry stood up and he almost looked like a Jesus figure. "Your hearts must be pure and your soul full of peace. You must find harmony with nature, with your neighbor and with yourselves. You will go out and proclaim our words and make people realize that we are here to stay."
Sect! It was the only thing that now was stuck in my head, when everyone cheered and Harry stretched out his arms in the air from his sides.
"Believe me, the doomsday is near and it want to capturing those who are weak, those who the devil easily can absorb. We will rescue those who can be saved."


I landed in a fog. Why did I even followed Liam to there? Harry spoke as if he were crazy. He was almost changed. It was as if he didn't remember my question, if he were crazy. Nevertheless, I tried to hide my anxiety, my disappointment and everything I felt for the moment. I tried to sit still and I looked down on the floor. What was the point to listen when I didn't believe in the same thing?


I saw two hands in front of me. One hand was a cross over the thumb and I looked up. Harry was squatting in front of me and he took my hands in his. He was serious. It was as if he wanted to punish me, but I hit it off.
"Follow me!"
I stood up with him in front of me. He stood up and it was the first time I realized how tall he was. He was a head taller than me, but still he managed to seem to be down at my level. He then smiled and looked at the others.
"The meeting is over." he said in a muffled voice. "And the opening ceremony begin."
I frowned.
"The opening ceremony?"
Harry smiled and looked at me again. He nodded quietly.
"Yes, you will be mine and I'll be yours."
I had no room to say no. He took me up on stage and he smiled at everyone else.
"You are welcome to eat my food, drink my wine and entertain yourself with my music." he held my hand tightly, and he turned and walked toward the door. Quickly he took me to the stairs and up to the second floor. I was dizzy.
"Harry, the man usually ask if the girl also wants to enter into the relationship?"
He smiled quickly at me.
"Nelly, I don't need to ask." he said quickly. "God gave me the sign that you are the one You know it and you can feel it deep inside your self."
I frowned.
"But he didn't speak to me, not yet."
Harry pulled me to a door and opened it. He then looked at me again.
"You came here, then you know that this is the truth, the right path."
I frowned.
"Liam forced me."
He laughed.
"No, he just made you understand that it's wrong not to listen to God's word."
Harry made me walk into the room and he shut the door behind me. He lit the ceiling lamp and immediately I saw that the whole room was one big bed. A door to the bathroom, no window. I realized what he wanted to do and I was about to say no, when he quickly tore off my white nightgown. I spun around and found that he also was naked. It was the second time in my life that I had been near a naked man, and that made me blush. He laughed a little bit.
"I am the first and the last one for you."
I realized an escape route.
"I'm not a virgin."
He put his head askew, and he caught up my face between his hands. He looked straight into my eyes.
"Accidents happen." he whispered hoarsely. "I'm not a virgin, but what will happens from now on, is what counts. God has forgiven us and he wont let you have someone other than me from now on."
I didn't panic. Maybe that was what made me react, I was just there, in his hands. He caught up my attention. I ended up in that fog, where only he and I was. He leaned forward and kissed my lips softly once.
"Trust me."
I felt his hardness stand out, straight to my stomach and he egged me up because he was in that state. I moaned quietly.
"I don't know who you are."
He backed me up on the mattress and we slid down the middle sitting on the bed, sitting, still with my face in his hands. I heard music began to be played in the room below us and their muffled laughter and chatter. Shit. No one would hear if I screamed or if he hurt me.
"Give your body to me." he whispered dark and dull. "I need it."
I hesitated.
"Just because you're horny?"
He laughed a little. He removed his hands and made me lie down on my back in front of him. He sat between my legs, with my legs over his thighs and he quickly took his one hand between my legs. I don't know why I became totally paralyzed. It was as if his hand got my body to stop thinking.
"No, darling!" he whispered hoarsely, his fingers began to move in circles over my clit, which caused chaos in my bones. "Because I need my bride. I need my woman with me."
Slowly in circles and it took him only seconds to fold my defense. I closed my eyes and I felt he brought in fingers inside me. Slowly, in and out, slowly caressing and he started to bring yo the holiest inside me.
"Don't you feel my love?" he mumbled. I was too excited to even answer that question. I brought the hips up and down and I began unconsciously to groan. I wasn't aware of his lips, his tongue, down there. I wasn't aware of what he did, I just felt a total chaos in the body and I wanted more. He sucked and he licked and finally I shouted straight out, when the orgasm took over my whole mind. I was shaking in my legs, my body, and I could feel the whole body become numb in a big wave of emotion. I grabbed the blanket with my hands, and I let him control me. Quickly, he was then up above me and he penetrated. What happened next was like a pleasant dream. I forgot who he was. I wanted his body, and I wanted him inside me.


It was quiet in the house when I woke up. I felt Harry's body close to my back and his arms around me. His nose was behind my ear and I heard he slept. I landed in reality and directly, I felt like I really was a whore. How could he so quickly capture me into his hands? How did he know what he would do with my body, to bring me to that? I frowned and I started thinking. Maybe he was talking to God? Still, it sounded like a crazy idea. No living creature was talking to God. I had read about those who ended up on the psyche because they thought they were divine. Maybe Harry should end up there? I knew I wasn't his chosen woman, but now I wanted to believe in his words. He was special, but at the same time that crazy wonderful. It was as if he was all in the same person. I tried to take myself away from him, but as soon as I moved the body, he woke up and he pressed me against him.
"Is there something wrong?"
I frowned. I came upon many things to say, but I chose the easiest.
"I must go home. My parents will be worried if I don't come home."
Harry kissed me on the neck and he pressed himself harder against me.
"Darling, you're home."
I tried in earnest to take myself away from him.
"Harry, I actually have a life. I go to school and..."
He put his fingers over my lips, and he did it hard. It was almost painful.
"Nelly, you're home!"
His voice sounded angry, warning and almost irritated. I took his hand away and I turned around to look at him.
"Seriously, Harry..."
He had a stiff face and he looked straight into my soul. It was as if his eyes penetrated into my mind and took over everything.
"You are home!" he almost shouted out the words. "I can let Liam go to your former home and tell them that you are now my wife, they will then know that you belong to me and no one else."
I was about to laugh by his actions, but his angry mood made me swallow that idea to do so.
"But my clothes, my things?"
He sneezed.
"You don't need earthly things." he growled hoarsely. "All you need is what I can give to you and that's all. I have clothes for you, I have food and I have a roof over your head. What more do you want?"
I swallowed.
"Eh, my room, my old room?" I whispered hoarsely forward. "My computer, my mobile phone, my books?"
Harry sat up and he wasn't happy that I said those words.
"And can a computer give you love?" he growled hoarsely. "No, a computer is just a thing to mislead young people into sin."
I stared straight at him.
"But you have a computer?" I whispered forward. "I mean, you have a website."
Harry softened slightly up and I guessed why. He understood that I had found information about him and maybe that made him proud.
"Liam and Niall take care of that part." he said quickly in defense. "I don't touch such a device because it's a sin to do so."
Okay, I realized one thing. I was stuck. Harry wasn't going to let me go home again, but one thing was sure. My parents would contact Emelie, find this house and call the police. I was sure about that something like that would happen and that gave me the opportunity to be a little more relieved. I trusted that my parents didn't like the idea that I was his so-called wife and my mother knew that I didn't like Harry sect. I had told her so.
"Okay!" I therefore had to say. "I'm listening."
He immediately became soft, that Harry as I had previously met and he came up with a faint smile.
"Now you understand what I mean. God has spoken to you and you listen."
I chose to lie.
"Did he talked to me? Is that how he talks?"
Harry nodded and leaned toward me. He gave me a light kiss on the forehead.
"Yes darling, that's the way he talks and if you learn to continue in this way, he will speak with a louder voice as you hear seriously."
He slipped up on top of me, parted my legs. He put an elbow on each side of my head and he smiled kindly at my face. I felt his hardness down there and I realized that he was looking for sex.
"God is in us." he said, as if that were obvious. "God is in you and through me you will get closer to God."
He penetrated me. I was about to cry because I wasn't ready, but his lips met mine and he choked that sound. I felt he came in all the way. It was as if he felt he had the right to do that to me, take me when he wanted.
"Feel me in you." he murmured hoarsely against my lips. "Do you feel my love, my deep love for you?"
He circulated with the hip and it wasn't long before I was underneath him and groaned. I felt how he slowly began to bring the hips back and forth. Slowly tossing me into a pleasant feeling. I closed my eyes and I took my arms around him. He lifted up my legs around his waist and he groaned each time he came into me.
"You're so tight!" he growled hoarsely and excitedly. "You belong to me, and your body is mine. I'm gonna take you every night."




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