The sect


5. 5

I don't know what Harry liked about fashion, but his taste was nothing as I liked. I got on a dress that was orange and green. It recalled me back to the happy 60's, in my eyes. I frowned at my own reflection, but I chose to stop thinking too much. Gemma straightened my hair and braided it in a neat braid down over my back. She had the same hairdo and I sensed a pattern. Maybe the girls would look like I did right now? I tried not to ask a single question. She was his sister, and I sensed that she would tell him everything.
"He loves you."
Her words made me feel more eagerness to escape, but I chose to smile.
"Really?" I sounded frail in my voice. "And how do you know that?"
She spun me around and she smiled at my face.
"He isn't a virgin, you know. He's had girlfriends before you, but he has never been this crazy in love now." She put her head askew. "I see it in him and in his eyes. Don't you feel His love?"
"Yes!" but that was a lie. "Well I feel his love."
She laughed happily.
"Take care of it. Harry is the only one of his kind."


I came down to the large kitchen and there was a lot of people and had breakfast. Gemma gave me food and placed me by a table. All looked at me and it was as if I were famous, but I knew why. I was Harry's property, or something similar. I chose to try to stop the food in my mouth and I tried to figure out if it was still morning.
"Today a lot happening."
The girl next to me smiled wide and she tried to catch my attention. I chose to smile at her.
"Oh yeah, what happens today?"
She laughed a little and I saw the blush on her cheeks.
"I'm Eleanor." she started with. "And I know who you are." She giggled a bit and she seemed to like my presence. "We'll change house today."
I become cold throughout the body.
"Changing house?"
She nodded happily.
"Yes, we are going out to the woods to a large house where we all will create all that as Harry believes in."
I wanted to know more.
"Harry believes in?"
She giggled. Maybe she thought I tested her?
"Yes, he wants us to create a harmonious society where everyone is equal and where we live under one law. Love is the goal and even harmony."
I didn't like the idea.
"So he thinks that...?" I couldn't ask my question. Harry showed up in the room and immediately asked all stood up to welcome him. I frowned and chose to do the same as them. He slipped into the room. He was wearing a pair of white pants and that was all.
"You can sit down."
All sat down. I saw how he took breakfast and then he slipped away to a corner of the room, where the other guys were sitting. Eleanor seemed to do as me, staring blindly at him.
"You are lucky!"
I disagreed with her, but I chose to smile.
She nodded.
"You got him!" She then looked at me again and I sensed that she had feelings for Harry, but she didn't dare to tell me about that. "He's everything a woman wants and you got him."
I chose to be honest.
"Rather, it was he who chose me."
She laughed a little bit and shook her head.
"No, he just do what God commands him to do." Then she looked at me again. "And God made so that his heart was filled with love for you. He loves you, everyone knows it and everyone believes that's the best thing as has happened to us."
I frowned and I chose not to ask more questions. It was as if everyone thought that Harry was talking to God, but I was sure he was lying. Or maybe he was talking a little bit? Just sometimes? I realized that I was about to slip into their faith, which quickly made me fight against it all. No! Harry was a crazy man and he was selfish.


It was driving up a bus and a few cars in front of the house. I noticed quickly everyone started to get ready to leave the house. I felt in the hole me how everyone kept an eye on me, so I stayed and didn't walk away. I stood in the hall and tried to make myself invisible.
"You follow me."
Liam grabbed my arm and he brought me out of the house. I had no shoes on my feet, but he didn't take that into account. Instead, he took me to one of the cars and opened the door. I chose to obey and I slid into the back seat. He closed the door and he stood then with his back to the car and waited. Everyone started to leave the house. They brought bags with what they needed to have along and everyone was standing in line to get into the big bus. I suspected that Harry was a kidnapper from now on. He took me to a place where Emelie wouldn't find me and my parents wouldn't find a single clue where he took me. I wished I had tried to maybe leave a letter, proof that I was still alive and that I was with Harry against my will.


Harry slid finally into the car next to me and Liam sat down behind the wheel. Harry was pleased and he smiled at me when the car started to roll. I chose to be silent. He quickly took my hand in his and he looked out the window. I wished I dared to resist, at least to question him, but I knew what he would answer. God had a plan for us, and he listened to God. I realized how crazy this really was. This whole situation was totally crazy.


I don't know how far into the woods as we went. We quickly left the built-up area and we landed in no man land. I suspected that he had planned to move long before I showed up, yet it was as if he wanted to hide just me away from my parents and friends. He squeezed my hand and he was generally in a good mood. When a house loomed between the trees, Harry leaned toward me.
"Home Sweet Home!" he said cheerfully. "You and I have the floors all to ourselves and the others will stay in cabins."
I noted the cabins. The house stood in the middle and around the house were small cottages. There was a field, a barn and I saw that there were cows in a meadow. Everything planned so that we wouldn't have to leave the area?
"The house's created for us." he continued happily. "We have everything we need and here you will get to spend much time with me, as it should be in a marriage."
He then looked straight at me and put his head askew.
"Aren't you happy?"
I hesitated. What would I say?
"Uh yeah right?"
He laughed a little and pulled a hand through his dark hair.
"I understand that you need time to get used to all this, but this is your future." He really thought he was doing me a favor? "You and I and our children will live in harmony with each other and we wont have to worry about anything."
I reacted.
He laughed a little.
"Yes, you want children? And we have to have children. Maybe four?"


I didn't know what I felt about all this. We step into the house. The first floor had a kitchen, a large room for meetings, where everyone could be. A door protected the stairs up to our new home. Up there were bedrooms, dressing room, guest room, one room for all sorts of activities. In the attic was a gym, a computer room and storage room. Harry was proud when he showed me everything as now was ours.
"And here we are alone." he said quickly. "Liam and the others take turns to guard our door and they don't care about what we do up here."
I wasn't happy that he had planned my life so well.
"Can I walk out sometimes?"
He laughed and he quickly pulled me into his arms. He kissed my forehead and he nodded a little bit.
"Yes, you get to go out, but you can't work." he said firmly. "It's the others who will take care of the farm and you should instead aim all your life to helping me."
I chose not to argue with that.
"Sure, if that's what you want?"
Harry kissed me on the neck.
"No, that's what God wants." he whispered hoarsely. He lowered his hands over my white dress and pulled it up so he could fondle my buttocks. "The bed..." he mumbled on. "I want to be inside you."


Harry was quick. He got off our clothes and I landed on my back in bed. He lay down on top of me and he parted my legs. I sensed that he understood that I was against it, but he didn't wanted that I'd say no.
"Enjoy!" he whispered instead. "Feel the love as I give to you."
His lips met mine and he took down a hand to stroke my clitoris. Even though I was aware that this was wrong, didn't my body stop to react to his presence. It didn't take long time until I groaned, took my arms around him and wanted more. Harry liked it and I felt his fingers penetrated me. In, out, in, out. In the end, I was so close that I just wanted to get it done. Quickly he finished it all and instead let his hard part penetrate. When he was completely inside me, he groaned loudly and looked into my eyes.
"You are so warm, so wonderful and so tight." he hissed hoarsely. "I love your body."
I whimpered over every move as he made. He penetrated harder and harder. I closed my eyes and finally I reached the top. I took the legs quickly around his waist and I gasped. The body was shaking and I pressed my lips against Harry's neck. When I was finished, he smiled big at me. He gave me a satisfied face, and he continued until he reached the same result. He filled me with his liquor and he squeezed everything inside as he had. Then he lay still on top of me and our sweaty bodies were close together. Actually, I liked the feeling. Total harmony and satisfaction.


"I want you to become pregnant soon."
Harry's voice made me open my eyes. He kissed my face and my lips and then he looked into my eyes.
"I want to have children with you Nelly!" and that wasn't an issue. That was a must. "Children who are from us and that we will nurture in God's name."
I didn't know if I should say something. I didn't want the same thing, but he would never understand if I told him so. He brought out his part from me, but he remained above me.
"We are the most genuine thing in the whole house." he continued. "None of the others will ever achieve what we have and that makes us unique. We are the only two on this earth as God literally has brought together and it's we who follow the path that He gives us."
I swallowed and I tried to smile, but my smile vanished away instantly as I tried.
"I love you." His words made me react and he sensed it. "I love you because you are you, and you understand."
I realized one thing. He loved a person as I never could be. He thought I was more than Nelly, but deep down, I could never be her, she as he saw before him.
He pulled his hands through my hair and kissed me again. I answered the kiss with hesitation. He then moved down over my body. He kissed my nipples, he got them to become hard and he slipped down over my belly with his lips. I guessed where he was going. He let my hands take hold of his hair and when his tongue began to play with me down there, I landed in the fog again. He gave me satisfaction, but just physical. I took my legs over his shoulders and I rocked myself into the movements. I tossed with my head and I felt how he took care of my sensitive part.
"I want you to come." I heard him mutter. He sucked, he bit and finally I was there. I pressed my hands over his head and I screamed. Yes, Nelly screamed and I realized one thing, he knew what he was doing when it came to this. Everything else, he wasn't even good at.
"I own your body." he whispered hoarsely, and he smiled up at me. "As much as you own my body and I love to take care of you."
I looked down at him. He remained and he kissed me down there.
"Nelly, just stop thinking as you do. I know you ponder over everything, but hand over everything to God and me. Me and God is responsible for everything. You just need to be here for me and for God."




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