Autumn Breeze


3. Really?

Lillie sits there gathering her thoughts. In a year or two, she will graduate and have to get a job or go to college. She has put college into consideration because that is what her brother and father did before they got jobs. Her mom, on the other hand, took a job and also went to a community college in the city.


… “Lillie?!?” came a soft, sweet voice


“Um, Uh… What!?! Oh! Hey Nicole.”


“Class has started, How was your summer?” said Nicole


“Good I guess, if you call running errands good, but I did find out more about the city. Still don’t like it though” Lillie said looking down


“Yeah, I understand,” Nicole said also looking down.


Lillie starts talking about her summer in more in detail, but she was interrupted.


“Miss Blaire answer this question correctly or you will be rotting in detention for speaking over me, as in, talking when the teacher is talking. Your question is What preserved remains provide evidence of how life changes over time?”


Lillie sits up and slowly answers in an unsure voice, “artifacts?. . .”


“Close but no, the answer was fossils. I will see you after school Miss Blaire.” Mrs. Wolf said quickly with a hint of accomplishment in her voice.


Shoot!!!… Oh My God! Lillie thought. That is so not fair… I hate going to detention. It is always that same group of people.


The day went on with not much commotion and finally, school was over, but while everyone was going home to relax, going to the city to hang, or to finish up on a project, Lillie had to go to detention for an hour.


Lillie decided to text her dad that she had to go to “somewhere”.


She texted her dad, I’m going home with Nicole, I’ll be home in two hours or so.


Lillie walked into detention. The detention room consisted of thirteen desks and one large desk. The room also contained a white and black board and many stacks of paper near the back. Going to detention was different this year though. Other than the “Tough kids” there were also two other kids Lillie didn’t recognize, and somebody Lillie did recognize.


Lillie walked towards the boy, she knew him, but could not remember from where… Lillie took her seat behind the boy.


She thought hard about where she saw him. Where did I go this week? Her thoughts were interrupted by the detention monitor, Mr. Yhen. Everybody knew that he is the most boring teacher in this whole school.

“bbbbbbbbbbb-Bad stu-stu-students… You will sit here and d-drown in your thoughts starting now.” said Mr. Yhen.

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