Autumn Breeze


2. Morning

On the way home she nibbles of a piece of her cupcake, but by the time she made it home-- half of her cupcake was gone. She walks up to her house- the only white house on the street- and enters it. She then goes into the kitchen and sits down on one of the wooden dining room chairs. It is still pretty early in the morning and it is almost time for the city and the area around to get to work.


Lillie is wondering why her dad and his girlfriend aren’t awake yet, along with her three brothers. School is in twenty minutes and her father’s work is in twenty-five. Lillie decides to goes see what is up with her family, but before she leaves the kitchen, everyone- except her dad’s girlfriend- came bustling down the stairs.


“Come on Boys! Hurry Hurry Hurry!” said her dad


Lagging behind Lillie’s dad are Lillie’s two younger brothers, but her older brother, Hunter, quickly decided to grab an apple, toast, and was out the door. Lillie’s younger brothers took many pieces of the bakery bread and ate three-fourths of it, and ran upstairs to grab their stuff. While Lillie’s brothers were going up the stairs, her dad’s girlfriend-Brooke- came down from upstairs and made her way to Lillie’s father to give him a morning kiss.


“Um, okay, uh…” mumbled Lillie.


“Good morning, Lillie” said Brooke with a nice smile as she walked in the direction of the dining table where what was left of the bread lay.  


“Uh, Okay. Anyways, good morning Dad, morning to you Brooke. Is the bread okay?”


And Brooke replies, “Yes it is, Thank you for this chocolate chip bread.”


“Um, Honey? Lillie? I think school is going to start in ten minutes, best not be late for the first day,” said Lillie’s father


“Yeah, I know dad, see ya later!” Lillie said while beginning to stand


“Help the boys find their way please” Dad said


“Okay!!!” Lillie exclaimed closing the door


Lillie and her brothers, Matthew and Scott, make their way to school for the first day. Lillie helps her third grade brother to his classroom and makes sure Matthew stays on the right street to the middle school. She knows. Pacingly, Lillie makes her way to her own classroom and picks a seat near the front but not too close.

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