Autumn Breeze


6. mix feelings

Blayke sat on the bay window and waited. He looked out the window and looked around the room, but began to walk around. He decided to leave the room and explore her house. He walked down the hall, and found the rooms Lillie described, the brothers’ rooms and the master, but then he tripped into a closet and found a secret room. This room was very empty with not much in it, but he made a mental note to remember this room. Blayke ran his fingers along the walls, they were stone cold and wondered how long this had been here, if Lillie or anyone close to her knew about it. He must have walked the whole area of the room by the time he heard light footsteps coming up the stairs. He rushed back into Lillie’s room and sat on the bay window.


“Hey, sorry. My brothers hate doing the dishes so they get my dad to make me do that chore, since he’s so busy he doesn’t have much time to think.”

“Yet he has time to have a girlfriend?” Blayke asked.


“Yeah, I know right…” Lillie said her eyes beginning to fill with tears as she leaned against her room wall.


“Oh, I-I’m sorry,” Blayke began.

“No, Its-ts okay,” Lillie replied, “I just miss my mum,”


"I understand," Blayke's voice broke, "I miss my dad,"


Lillie looked up at his eyes currently in front of her, looking as it seemed, a dark blue. "I never knew him..." Blayke said looking down to his shoes. The silence seemed deadly, but was interrupted by copious amount of music from downstairs.


The two of them quickly straightened up and Lillie said to Blayke, "This usually mean--" She was cut off by the running of her younger brothers taking her hand and jerking her downstairs. "Wha--, LILLIE?"


Lillie responded with laughter, "Just come down," Blayke did as told and saw everyone dancing in the living room. "Okay... This is a thing,"


"Yeah, but I think it is fun, ya know?" Lillie said wiping away the rest of tears which were replaced with a bright smile, dancing.


They laughed and danced until dinner that night, laughing away at dinner also, and Lillie's younger brothers entertaining Blayke until he left.

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