Autumn Breeze


4. I wonder...


Lillie had been thinking so hard on where she had seen the guy. She thought for about an hour thinking; Thoughts, Thoughts, THOUGHTS!!!!


She lost it and the guy apparently also had lost it and yelled, “Where have I seen you before!”


“Woah!” they said in unison…


Mr. Yhen looked up and said in a monotone voice, “Shut Up or you will be serving another detention,”


“Yes sir,” they once again said in unison.


After that bustle, they would not stop staring at each other. They stared and blushed for the rest of that hour, yet they still could not talk to each other. Finally, Lillie decided to take out a piece of paper and write “What is your name?”


Lillie gave the note to the guy, he read it, took out a pen, folded it, inspected the people around him, and gave the note to Lillie.


The note read, “Blayke”


Wow Lillie thought I finally write this note and all I get is this, but I now remember where I met him. At the bakery.


Lillie re-opens the note and writes another note. She gives it to Blayke, he reads, turns around, and nods twice.


“Okay, so he does work at the bakery and…”


Lillie was interrupted once again with the hour detention bell. Detention is over. Lillie walks over to the door and waits for Blayke.


“Hey,” Lille says to Blayke.


“Hullo,” he says back


“Do you want to come to my house? My house isn’t far from here but I usually take the long way to avoid the city”




“No reason,” Lillie says a little too quick.


“Okay…” says Blayke suspiciously


Lillie and Blayke began their way to  Lillie’s house.

Lillie takes her phone out and texts her dad coming home right now with a friend. Her dad texts back okay! They reach Lillie’s house.

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