Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


9. -first day at new school-

she so me and Ariana walk in the school and everyone started laughing so I was confused at what they we're laughing at

"are they laughing at us?" I whispered to Ariana who still had a big smile on her face

"It's ok their only laughing at me it happens all the time I'm used to it" she said still smiling 

I nodded not sure what the hell was wrong with that girl why didn't she just at least try and stick up for herself, I couldn't understand why it was so hard just to be brave. 

"I'm thinking you need to go to the office for your schedule, I'll just see you later during lunch?"

"Ok" I left then went in the office 



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