Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


8. Chapter 8

------next morning--------
"April wake up!!!!!!" I herd someone yelling from downstairs 
I woke up yawning and then went to take my shower it took about 30 mins and then I went to brush my teeth, and then went to put up a black crop top and some blue skinny jeans, a red plaid shirt and some black and white adidas then I flat ironed my hair and then put my iPhone in my back pocket and grabbed my books. I finally got done and went down stairs, I had smelled something really good.

"Morning April" Brian said as soon as I walked in the kitchen

"Morning" I gave a smile and then sat at the table for breakfast 

Brian had cooked eggs,bacon,toast,pancakes,and sausages it all looked really good even though I don't think it was right for him to cook all of this because he has to work and my mom doesn't have a job so I think she could have took the time to make breakfast. Sometimes I think my mom is just using this man.

"Hey daddy" Ariana said as she came down stairs

She was wearing a blue dress and white sandals and she had her hair down but it wasn't brushed. I guess she kinda tried her best to look her best.

"Hey baby girl. You hungry?"

"No I'm just ready to get to school" she looked at me then smiled really big

I couldn't help but smile, to see her happy made me feel good inside

"Umm ok. Are you hungry April" he asked me

"No I'm not really hungry" I said as I got out the seat  

To be honest I was STARVING but I knew Ariana was ready to get to school I guess. So I just tried hurrying up 

"Ok more for me and your mom so. Do you guys need me to drive y'all to school." He asked looking for his keys

"Nah im going to drive my moms car" I Said grabbing my moms keys 

"Oh ok" he gave Ariana and me a hug and then we left

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