Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


5. Chapter 5

"WAIT APRIL!!!!" Ariana came running after me trying to stop me but it was to late ^.^

When I went to were the people was I saw a boy who had pink hair and another one had a lip piercing and then another with brown hair but he was on his phone.And the 2 girls one of them had dirty blond hair and the other had golden blonde hair.

"Hey sorry to interrupt but I'm April Ariana's step sister and I just came to introduce myself" I said flashing a fake ass smile

"Aye my name is luck" the boy with the lip piercing said

"And I'm Michael and your going to want to stay hanging with me" he smiled I couldn't help but laugh

" hey I'm Christian" the dirty blonde said smiling at me with her kinda yellow teeth

"I'm faith" the golden blond said, she was really cocky looking but I mean I can't judge they way a person is by the way they look it's just not right

Then every body looked at the boy with the brown hair but he was just texting on his phone 

"And this is Calum  he's a little party pooper" Michael said whispering loud and we all started laughing 

Ariana was just standing on the porch staring at us talk .so I motioned for her to come over but she shook her head

"So your name is April?" Luke asked me 

"Yeah" I said looking at his piercing 

"You like my lips or something" they all started laughing at his joke except me 

"No" I snapped

"Damn I was just playing no need for the attitude" they laughed again 

I was not just going to stand there getting embarrassed I was just looking at his damn piercing and I don't think I need to fucking explain that.

" I was just looking at your piercing so no need to get to happy" everyone laughed except Luke 

I think he was starting to dislike me but I mean he started it soo

"Well you introduced yourself don't you think it's time for you to go" Luke said 

Was he telling me to leave. I really really think I made him mad but like I really don't care

"Luke shut the fuck up she can stay if she wants" faith said giving me a smile

"Faith shut your fucking mouth" Calum the mean one yelled and faith actually shut her mouth,like she was his slave or something 

"Well I think that's my cue to leave"

"Wait April I'm sorry if I made u feel like weird I was just playing around" Luke said laughing a little

"Oh it's fine but I think I should leave" I said bye to everyone and then went back in the house

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