Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


3. Chapter 3

^Skip the ride

"Ok we are HERE" she sang

The house was really pretty kinda like one of them houses you see on tv a lot. When me and my mom got out the car I saw a man and a girl standing on the porch so I was pretty sure it was Brian and Kennedy that's the name of my moms boyfriend and his daughter I hate calling them step dad and step sister it just feels weird on my fucking tongue.

"Hey you must be April" he said giving me a hug and I hugged back because I didn't want to be rude 

"April this is my daughter Ariana  and you two are the same age" she smiled at me but I didn't smile back just nodded my head waiting for all this shit to be over with

Ariana was really pretty but she seemed shy she was wearing baggy pants and a big t-shirt and her hair was in a messy ponytail and she was just staring at me like she wanted me to save her from something but that shit was getting annoying 

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