Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


15. Chapter 15

so me and Ariana walk home we we're singing and laughing in the car to be honest she's really funny she was talking so much stuff about faith and Christian it was all just so funny. So wants we got home we rushed to her room which I have never been in before it was so pretty it was a lot of pictures of her and I'm guessing was her mom.


"Is this your mom?" I asked touching one of the pictures 


"Yea her name was Cary" she laid on her bed

"Where is she?" I asked 

"She's in rehab. Because she's on drugs" she sighed 


"Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that" I felt kinda bad for asking her that question 


"It's you ready to start the make over?" She asked changing the subject


"Ok let's start with your make up" I said smiling

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