Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


13. Chapter 13

-April PROV-

"Oh guess who asked about you" I said while eating my food

"someone asked about me?......." She seemed surprised 

"Yea his name is Ashton he told me to tell you he said hi" she looked at me with big eyes

"STOP LYING TO MEE.........." She yelled

I started laughing "I'm not" and as soon as I said the all 4 of the boys came to where me and Ariana was 

"Why the fuck are we over here" Calum said with an attitude 

"What's your fucking problem. What did I do to you!" I asked waiting for a reply

"Baby girl. I have no problems but if me and my boys keep hanging around you we're gonna have a lot of fucking problems"

I was so confused at what the hell he was trying to say but I felt like it was not a good thing so I just started getting fired up.

"Listen here Calum  if you think that hanging around me is a fucking problem well then you can leave because to be honest your really dumb because I'm really nice but whatever." I said eating some of my food

"Calum just shut up" Luke said 

"If you wasn't Ariana's sister you'd probably have more friends"Calum whispered loud enough for me and Ariana to hear

"why the FUCK would you say something like that. Calum what has been going on with you for the last week. Are you on your fucking period because your acting like a fucking drama queen without the fucking crown" Ashton yelled at him

We all just look at Ariana and she was crying and nodding her head
"He's right April you WOULD. have more friends if I wasn't your sister. You be the most ____popular girl at school if I wasn't your sister...........and I'm so sorry" she then ran out the cafeteria 

"See what YOU DID YOUR SUCH A JERK" I yelled then ran after her

Most likely she was in they Girls bathroom so I ran into the girls bathroom and I heard crying coming from the third stall 

"Ariana don't listen to people like Calum....there stupid and they just don't know beautiful you  are" I said standing waiting for her to come out

" don't understand.......I wish you did but you don't" she was sobbing now

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