Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


11. Chapter 11

Are you stalking me?" I asked opening my locker

"Don't flatter yourself. My locker is right next door" he smirked 

"Oh ok. Oh and can you do me a favor?" I said taking out my schedule 

"Sure wassup" 

"Can you show me where my math class is the teacher name is MRS fling" I said laughing inside as I say the name

" ok yeah cool you have the same class with Ashton"

Who is Ashton? Is he nice like Michael or mean like Calum.

"Is he nice or mean" i asked looking up at Luke

"Well......he's nicer then Calum.....but not nicer then Michael because as we know Michael is the nicest person your gonna meet.....but I guess you can say Ashton is nicer then me but me and Ashton on kinda on the same level." He smiled and I laughed 

"Well can you show me my math class before I'm late" he took me to math class 

So walk in my maths class and I walk straight to the back of the room to the empty seat"

"OH CLASS WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT!!!!" The teacher yelled motioning for me to come to the front

So I started walking to the front of the class and all eyes were on me.

"Tell us about yourself" MRS fling said smiling her little ass off

"Ummm.....well I'm new here......and I'm from Colorado....." I tried to think of something else

"Why did you move here" someone yelled

"Umm... Me and my mom moved in with Ariana Youths and her dad cause her dad and my mom are together" I kinda felt weird saying that

" EWW YOUR STEP SISTER IS ARIANA"  someone yelled 

"Yea.....what's wrong with that?" I asked getting annoyed 

"But your so damn hot" someone else yelled

"Ariana is pretty too" I said defending her 

"You most be talking about a whole totally different Ariana because ARIANA YOUTH IS NOT NEAR PRETTY" a boy shouted 

I couldn't believe they was just talking about Ariana like that. Ariana is nice so why did people treat her like trash. I didn't understand 

"Ok class that's enough April u can take a seat next to Ashton. Ashton raise your hand for April" Ashton raised his hand and he had blonde hair he was really cute 

I went and sat next to Ashton 

"Hey" he smiled

"Hey" I said back not really paying attention 

"So....your Ariana's sister" he asked trying to get my attention 

"Yea....well step sister"

"Well it was really nice of you too defend her" he smiled

I smiled back. Ashton was a real catch and I think Ashton is nicer then Michael 

" oh and when you go home today do you think you could tell Ariana I said hey" he smiled 

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