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2. The Rights to Win and Participate


Comment #1


I think I received this kind of comment a couple of times; maybe two to three in different words, but same meaning. This is the slightly edited, short version of it:


@NathanielStanley always win!


The first time I received such comment, I was uncomfortable. I did not tell them how I feel about the comment because I believed that time I would not get the same comment again. The last time I received it again, I was really hurt. You know, when you get the same kind of “message” a couple of time again, even if its’ in different words, you kind of get this sort of “understanding” that the comments were written in bitterness.


The thing that got me really hurt the most was that it happened on a blog where I won the competition. From my point of view, if you do not wish to congratulate a person for wining a competition, don’t! That’s totally fine. But don’t ever bring a person down just because you’re not feeling it, not satisfy over the result, etc. It’s rude. Imagine a person did that to you! Would you feel uncomfortable? Unhappy?


I do not always win – are Movellians misunderstand me? I find that when individuals started to think: “NathanielStanley going to win again.” It kind of wrongly shows that I am a person that is very confident and arrogant and selfish to win every art competition in Movellas. I’m wondering if that is the kind of person Movellians think I am. I would like to know.


Comment #2


The short, edited version of it:


It’s time someone else win the competition;

no matter how good the person is,

it’s wrong to let them win again.


This comment is obviously about me – either it’s directly or indirectly so. But sadly so, yet again I am repeating myself, I do not always win. I really dislike the comment and here are the two reasons why:


01 It attacked my rights to participate and win any competitions.

Can you imagine when you participate a competition and submit your entry and even if you manage to get high points on requirements (not sure if they have it) to win the competition from the judges, they decided: “This person won a lot. We should give it to other participant to win the competition this time.”


Does it feel wrong to you? The unfairness in judging the entries – what makes you think it won’t happen to other Movellians in the future? If they did it once, what makes you think it won’t happen again?


02 Makes me doubt the judges that will judge the future competitions

I was an Ambassador last year. I do know there were times CM will seek our help to judge some competition. If Ambassadors agree upon the comment, they will act accordingly to it or maybe discuss it with the CM first. If all are OK for such thing to happen, please tell me, should I just stop participating competitions at all? Because obviously, nobody will take my entry into consideration. I’m not saying I will win all competitions, but the thing is, if they decided to not take my entry into consideration seriously, I might as well being told first hand to not participate the competition.


Comment such as that can influence not just the judges, but to other fellow Movellians as well. You guys might notice I was really not active since I was no long the Ambassador. Its’ not just because I was busy with my life, but because at some point, I just do not feel welcome anymore. It’s weird to have such feeling, but that’s how I feel every time I logged into Movellas. Its’ such a disappointment because I love this community and hated how I feel about it now especially when it comes to the things that I have achieved here; like it was wrong and I do not deserve it. 


Right now, I am just trying my best and fit in as comfortably as I can because I have a lot to give back to the users here in Movellas and I do not wish to be ungrateful to Movellas because they had brought the best memories I had since entering the writing community. 

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