Serious Thoughts

❝my thoughts on certain issues that i wishes to share❞


3. I’m not that Good, but I will try my Best


The images shows the list of competitions that I have participated since 2015 to 2016 as well as the categories I have entered, won and lose. You can clearly see that I do not always win! I have submitted 29 entries so far, won 10 for my entries and lose 19.

I do not enter all art related competitions (as shown below).

I’m not that selfishly crazy to hog all the prizes and to enter all competition. I took rest every other time. I wanted other Movellas’ Artist to be recognized in the community. And every time I entered a competition, I have reasons.


Just a little motives to keep me motivated:

01 I like money and art supplies and shipping are expensive in USD to MYR

02 Motivate myself to draw and be active in Movellas

03 Look at the image below:

I’m pushing myself to submit art entries even if I was not interested in the competition because if there are less to no entries at all, Movellas might decide to close the category down or just combine all art related entries into one. Do you think its fair to compare between a fanart, a cover and a trailer? Its like comparing oil, water and a pan; which is better?


Every submission I submitted either it is cover, fanart or trailer; I have reason to create them as they are. I do not randomly create a cover without any relation to the theme of the competition. Design is not about it being beautiful, it needs function, reasons! That applies to all type of art: traditional, digital, paper craft etc. Show originality and creativity especially when it comes to fanart. 

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