Serious Thoughts

❝my thoughts on certain issues that i wishes to share❞


4. Getting Back Up


I’m what people would call as a Return Artist. I was really active in drawing during pre-school through my high school years. Gradually, I started to slowly being inactive in it. Though I majored in Design, I was not actively draw the things I draw presently.


I was in hiatus for seven years.


Looking back, I had so many regrets in doing so. Seven years is a long years for not drawing actively. Little bit of this and that are not enough to improve drawing skills. I actually when through my old arts recently. To be honest, I liked it better than my current art style. I had more creativity in my drawings compared to now.

[ posted these arts in DeviantArt on 2010 / was created around 2007 - 2008 ]


I’m not exactly saying that during my seven years of hiatus-ing, I didn’t do art. I actually started to learn Photoshop and get into cover design. And then, banner design as well as photo manipulation, and other things such as creating own textures and psd colourings.


I started back again with drawing on September 2015. I was struggling to art because I was no longer used to it. Its’ like my mind remembers it, but my body forgets. The image below shows the comparison when I started to take watercolour as my main medium around October 2015.

[ art comparison / raw scans ]


There are many reason why I stopped drawing for so long. One of it is the lack of support from my family and those around me. It happened even when I was majoring my course. I’m not the kind of person that would whine how miserable my life is as an artist or as an individual. I don’t go around telling people either online or offline how bad I was in drawing because I find that doing so would not bring benefits to me other than being pitied about. I do not need pity. I need support and encouragement. If I do not get it, that’s OK. I’m not going to die from the lack of it.   


I started to be more active in art community; DeviantArt, Instagram and Drawing Amino especially. By being active, I learned a lot of things; copyrights issue, tutorials, and other necessary knowledge in arts, etc. The best thing about this whole process are that it motive me to do my own research and to be able to get inspired from all form of arts. And of course, getting to know and converse with other artist around the world.


I’m writing some little background about myself because I want you guys to know, as an artist, we are miserable people experiencing the lack of supports, unreasonable haters, conflict in art styles, art blocks, confused between being original, inspired and straight out copying, and lastly, depression of the highest level as we can manage. We feel like our arts are shit. Even if others says the opposite, it doesn’t change the fact it still look like shit to us. Not because it’s a shit shit, but because we believe that we could have done better.


I hate a lot of my arts, but I don’t go around whining about it or bring other artist down with my negativity. In fact, I urge you guys to do less negativity about it. Because it will only bring you down more. Do something about it. Don’t seek out pity. Earn supports and rewards through hard works. Look at tutorials, speed paint or whatever that will make you feel good and give you benefits to improve yourself. Being too negative would not bring improvement.


If you entered a competition, you did not win; that’s’ OK. The world have not ended yet. Enter as many times as you can because its’ your rights, it motivates you, it helps in promoting your arts, and all the available good benefits in doing so.


Just because you lose in some of the competition, doesn’t mean you are a bad artist. It means get your ass back up again and submit the best art you can possibly create and be sure that the judges this time can’t say “NO.” Because that’s what I did – I make it happen

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