Serious Thoughts

❝my thoughts on certain issues that i wishes to share❞


1. Forewarning


I have been having some serious thoughts these past few weeks regarding on an issue that I am always aware of, but decided to ignore because there were no right time for me to approach it. By writing all of these chapters down, I would like you guys to know that I have no ill intention or trying to shame individuals. I will be approaching this issue with reasonable manners and hope that I will be receiving the responses back in the same way.


I have no obligation to reply any comments that I may be receiving, nor I will stop the commentators in sharing their opinions about this issue. I will be writing everything in here and I would like to avoid re-explaining myself again. There are a lot of chapters in one go, so please read them all carefully and consider them before proceeding to share your thoughts on it. Thank you!

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