A Bitter-Sweet Epiphany

For the Heartbroken Writing Competition


1. A Bitter-Sweet Epiphany

I wonder whether I may ask
if you remember when
the glimmering stars would slow dance
with the skies, their gentlemen.
When the night fell upon me and you,
and the darkness spread, but then,
those were the days you were by my side,
time and time again.
So it seems an eternity's passed.
Oh, what a bitter-sweet epiphany.
As I bore the silence for hours on end,
could you feel my agony?
There was a time I prayed I could go back,
and escape my life's sour symphony.
All the time you'd said "Forever we'll be"
Would you look at that irony!
If then you'd turned to face the skies,
you'd know the stars had wept for me.
I wish I'd known a little earlier
Who you'd turn out to be.
I could have saved myself a broken heart,
my poor, lost and shredded soul,
the numerous seas I'd filled with tears
but never again can I be quite whole.
I smile now, thinking how times have changed
Why? I cannot comprehend.
Although at times I ask myself,
was that how it had to end?

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