Summer Love.

Snily. First in a series of 10. Lily & Snape when they first meet. CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! And Maybe others too!!!!!
I don't own Harry Potter - I keep forgetting to put that!


2. Parents....

 "Mum! Can I go to the park?" Lily called up the stairs.

"Not on your own!" Her mother called back.

"Oh, PLEASE, Mum!" Lily wailed.

Mrs Evans sighed, "Why are you so obsessed with the park, anyway?"

Lily beamed "I have a new friend!"

"Who?" Asked her Father, coming down the stairs with a basket of laundry.

"Severus." Replied Lily, bouncing up and down, excitedly.

Mr Evans frowned "Sounds familiar... Surname?" 


The two parents looked at one another in horror.

"B- But- But... He's the- that-" Spluttered Lily's father, clutching his wife's arm to stop her from fainting.

"He's the witch's son...." Whispered Mrs Evans, mortified, and staring at her daughter in disbelief. "That... That woman who... the potions... there have been rumors..."

"What rumors?" Asked Lily "Sev didn't say there were rumors!"

Mrs Evans closed her eyes and shuddered. "There have been a lot of funny deaths down Spinner's End... They say there's a Princess.... A healing Princess... Who... Has magic..."

Lily snorted. It sounded like a load of rubbish to her. "Fine. I won't play with the Snape boy anymore... But can I still go to the park?" An idea was forming in her brain. A deceitful idea.

Her parents agreed, somewhat reluctantly, and off Lily went, not to the park, but to Spinner's End...


Lily Evans had never been to Spinner's End before now, but she knew roughly, from Petunia's, and others', criticism, where it was. She hurried down one dark alleyway and up another, whilst, at the same time, trying not to feel scared by the rather creepy place: She could hardly believe that a boy, who was only about a month older than herself, would actually live here. In this shadowy old estate! If you could call it an estate, that is.

It looked to Lily like she'd stepped back in time to some poor Victorian town where it was occupied by no one but factory workers. Of course, it wasn't a place that she'd stepped back in time to, it was actually a real place, the one in which her best friend lived, and just a normal estate on the outskirts of Cokesworth. Sort of.

Lily rounded a corner and caught her first proper glimpse of Spinner's End. She stopped dead. It really was not a rich place, and, apart from a few beggars and drunkards, and people selling dodgy things at just as dodgy stalls, the place seemed deserted.  She was stunned. How could people raise their children in this awful place? How could they!?


Shaking her head and pulling herself together, Lily marched determinedly on towards the village square. Even though it was Summer, a strange, misty chill had begun to set in and, secretly, Lily really wanted to go home.

When a gnarled, grimey hand pounced on her shoulder, therefore, lily was so shocked that she actually screamed. The person holding her laughed heartily. Lily relaxed. The person touching her shoulder didn't seem to be that scary, and her rapid breathing slowed.

"It's all right, love." Said a woman's voice, moving in front of Lily. "I never meant 'ter give a poor lil' lamb like you a fright, I jus' wondered if you needed any help, see. You looked a lil' lost, sugar plum."

For someone who lived in a place that clearly had no food,the woman before Lily, was very large and rather pink, but she had a kind face and twinkling grey eyes and Lily liked the look of her.

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