Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


6. The Fight - Chapter 5

*Zoe's POV* 

      I did a really messed up thing to Devon and now she hates me. I shouldn't have done that. I understand that she's mad at me. I might as well just stay home today from school.

   She has the right to be mad. I heard a knock down stairs, I really didn't want to go and answer it but I have to. 

     "Caleb?"  I was surprised to see him at my door. 

        *Caleb's POV*

    "I was coming to make sure you were okay." I looked at her and she looked horrible. Not a ugly horrible just a wreck messed up. 

   "I'm fine, thank you. Um would you like to come in?" She sounded like she had been crying.

     "Yes thank you." I pulled the chocolate out from behind my back and gave it to her. 

    "Thanks. Wanna stay and watch movies?" 

     "I would like that." And I put the note book on and she told me what happened.

     "I can't stand the way you feel. It hurts me." And I kissed her. 

      *Zoe's POV*

    He kissed me and I don't have all of my best friends to tell them. I messed up. 

    "I made the right move at the wrong time I'm sorry." 

    I kissed him and got a text message from Devon. 

 D: What you did was wrong and you need to understand that I love you.

M: Ik Im sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I'm so sorry.

    I just hope we can be friends again. I messed up. 

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