Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


5. Run In - Chapter 4

  *Zoe's Pov* 

        I had just got done being in OSS and I get a text from the you know Bi***. 

        "How's it going in OSS? I get to go to school tomorrow unlike you, you're stuck at home for a week longer. Have fun c**t!"

        "Oh, what did you blame on me this time?" 

        "Oh, well i ruined my car just so i can blame it on you. Ha! Have fun paying me money!" 

        "Yeah whatever, now I have proof that your lying. Have fun!"

        I smirked at what I said, did she not know that I was going back tomorrow? I guess not. Well lets see how this goes.

        I walk to my room and get ready for bed, when my mom comes a knocks on my door. I told her to come in and all she wanted to do was tell me good luck for school tomorrow, and I fell asleep. 

        *Devon's Pov*

        I can't wait! Today Zoe and I get to come back to school and this is going to be fun. I mean Emily is going to be there too but me and Zoe can still have a good time!

        *Zoe's Pov* 

        I walk into school and I see Devon. 

        "Hey! Guess what."

        "What's up this time lol." Devon laughed. 

        "Well Emily has some stuff coming at her." 

        "Wow! I hope she gets in trouble really bad too!" She laughed, but this laugh you could tell she was ready. 

        I smiled and we walked off to our first class, but I stopped when Emily walked up to me. 

        "Don't worry, im not the only one getting in trouble today hun!" She walked off with her minions and snickered on the way out. 

        "Can I have Zoe Hill to the office please? Zoe Hill!" 

        "Ughh" I groaned and got up to go to the office. 

        "Yes?" I asked.

        "We were told that you ruined Mrs. Johnson's car. Is that true?" 

        "No, but I have proof that she's been setting me up." 

        The principle looked as annoyed as I did, so I got my phone out and showed him the texts.

        "Well it looks like you have the proof but I dont understand this one part. Why does it say that you called her an a** kisser?" 

        "What are you talking about?" He showed me the phone and I looked. It still had all of the proof, just another sentence saying that she would be a lovely a** kisser.

        "I don't understand, I didn't tell her that. I gave you my proof of her blaming it on me, can I go. Please." 
        "I have to tell you're mom about this but here take your phone and go. She's getting oss for another week, enjoy your work and have a good day!" 

        I smiled and walked out. Today has been enough for me and I just wanted to go home already. 

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