Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


7. Jake and Zoe - Chapter 6

(A/N when I say mom, I mean Devon's mom. Just so you guys know.)


Jake's P.o.v.

I kissed her, and she kissed me. Does this mean we are dating? Or should I ask Jason first? I mean the boss won't like it, but he's gonna have to deal with it. 


"Hey Jason, get in here." 

"Whats up man?" He gave me a crazy look. 

"Would you mind if I dated Zoe? I promise I wont hurt her." I said that kinda fast. 

"Wait what? You like my sister?" 

"No, im in love with her." 

He looked at me crazy, but then again we are in a gang. 

"You hurt one little hair on her and I will kill you with the boss's gun." 

"Thanks man, I wont let you down." 

Zoe's Pov

"You did what?!" I almost yelled at him. 

"I asked your brother if we could date." He smiled. 

"Well, what did he say?" 

"Welcome to my life baby girl." He said with a wink. 

I was so happy I jumped on his lap and kissed him. 

"But if your going to date me baby girl, you have to know everything. Call your brother and your friends. We have to have a talk." 


Zoe's Pov

Everyone was in the living room, and I had no clue what was going on. We were waiting for one more person, and I was kinda nervous. He goes by the name McCann. Jason McCann. 

Jason Hill's Pov

Yes, Caleb is related to Jason. But only by marriage. Jason and Caleb are the top dogs. Along with Jason's brother Alex. They are the three main bosses, but Alex is on vacation with his woman. 

So the only two McCann's that are coming is Jason and Caleb.

Zoe's Pov

We all flinched at the knock on the door. 

Three loud knocks louder than loud.

And then all you hear is Jake whisper in my ear "He's here." 

Jase, its my nickname for Jason, got up to open the door for McCann. 

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