Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


2. His Friends - Chapter 1

*Not Edited*
         *Zoe's Pov*

        I wake up to loud noises in the house. I wanted to go down stairs and see what was making all of that noise, but I just couldn't seem to get up. After five minutes of waiting for the noise to go away, I decided to get up and grabbed my bat out of my closet. 

        I walk into the kitchen and see that my brother and his friends are making a mess, trying to cook food, im not sure for who, but boy that was a big mess. 

        "Jason! What the hell are you guys doing?" I shout. They all freeze in place and Jason finally speaks up. "We're making food for us. What else do you think we're doing?" He may be older than me, but I will tackle him if he doesn't stop with his stupidity. "Wow I thought that you guys were going to wake up mom and dad, but no you guys are so quiet." I said with a fake smile. They all turn around and get back to doing what they were doing. I walked up to Jason's ear "Shut up! Mom and dad will freak out once they see this mess!" I screamed. 

        "Jesus Christ, Zoe, mom and dad went out of town for the weekend. Go back to bed, we will wake you when the food is ready." I was getting ready to turn when I seen one of Jason's friends just staring at me, blushing too. I think that was Caleb, I think it was. 

        I walk into my room and I get back in bed, thinking that they would shut up, but they didn't. I turned on netflix and cranked up the volume to watch The Walking Dead. I was on season five, episode 3 and then Jake, another one of my brothers friends came into the room. Jake and I are really good friends. 

        "Hey, Jason told me to tell you that the food is ready."

        "Oh thanks Jake, but can I ask you a question please?" 

        "Sure whats up?" He sounded very concerned, but also relieved.

        "Did you see that dude who was staring and blushing at me? It was cute but it creeped me out because he was staring at me." I said quietly, so Jason wouldn't hear.

        "Yeah, don't worry though, he just thought that what you did to Jason was funny. There's nothing to worry about." 

        I smile at him and he returned the smile. I told him that I needed to get dressed and that I would be down soon and to tell Jason that. My outfit was better for me to wear, since summer is almost here and I can't wait. My best friend, Devon, she was coming over at three o'clock, and currently its noon right now. I have plenty of time to get ready. 

        *Jake's Pov* 

        "What the hell Caleb, you were staring at her and creeping her out!" I whisper-shouted in his ear. "You scared her!" 

        "I didn't mean to, the way she yelled at Jason, it was just so amazing." Caleb said quietly. "I'm sorry."

        "Just don't freak her out man, she already thinks that you were being creepy." I whispered. 
        *Zoe's Pov*        

        I went down to the bathroom and brushed my teeth after that amazing lunch and I heard a knock on the door. 
        "Yeah?" I yelled. 

        "Im sorry that I creeped you out earlier! I didn't mean to, I just thought that you were brave yelling at Jason like that. Im sorry, and I hope you can forgive me." Caleb said. 

        "I understand and all is forgiven, but I will un-forgive you if you don't let me pee and brush my teeth in peace." I laughed.
        "Ok, ok! I surrender! I'm leaving to go down stairs now, bye Zoe." He laughed, walking away. 

        I finished brushing my teeth. I walked to my room, grabbed my phone, gum and make up and went back downstairs to find Devon blushing in front of all of the boys. 

        "Devon!" I yelled laughing. 

        "Zoe!!! I missed you and its only been a day!" I laughed at that. 

        "I missed you too!"
        We hugged for like three seconds, then I hear Jason whispering in my ear. "Come home safe, unharmed and a virgin still, if not, we're going to have some problems." I laugh and Devon just looks at me. 

        "Lets get this party started!" I heard Jake yell, as soon as I was out of the door.

        Homework is a total bust man, I mean, it gives me time with Devon, but on the weekends!? Who does that? Oh of course, its called the teachers. I mean they are just some crummy people who have nothing better to do with their lives beside give us homework and grade it after words. I mean she's my best friend, I can come and see her whenever I want. She is the best anyone can ask for. 

        *Jake's Pov* 

        "Breaking news. We have just been reported that there was a bad accident on the highway. One of the drivers areJosh Hill and the other driver is unknown at the moment and was reported to be drunk. There are no survivors." And I turned the tv off as soon as I seen that. I'm still at Jason's house and now I have to tell him. 

        "J-jake." I heard whining. "J-jake did you see the news?" Jason was crying now. "I did. Im sorry Jason! How are we going to tell Zoe? She's going to be devastated." "Can you tell her? I-i can't right now. She looks to much like them and I just need to go for a few days. Can you watch her? Please?" He still had tears down his cheeks, but I knew that he was really wanting this. "Only because she'll need someone. You have five days to collect yourself. If  you're gone longer than that be ready for me to punch you square in the jaw." I told him, gave him a hug and walked off to find my phone.

        I dialed Zoe's number. Pick up the phone. Pick it up. "Hello?" Her voice was soft. "Zoe, it's Jake, you need to get home and well bring Devon too, what Im about to tell you is lets just say your going to need her." "Alright i'll be there in 10. Bye Jake." "Bye Zoe." And with that I hung up. 

        *Zoe's Pov*

        What happened? Is everything alright? "Devon, I have to go home and Jake said that your going to need to come too." I got up to leave the room and she said alright. 

        We got to the house in less than 10 minutes so we hung out in the car for a while longer and then went inside. 
        "Zoe?" Jake asked. 

        "Yeah, whats up?" 

        "Devon, grab her. Just do it please you'll understand why in a minute." And she did as she was told. While she grabbed me, I looked at Jake.

        "Zoe, your parents are dead." 

        The words came crashing into my ears. My legs felt weak and everything was going dark.

        *Devon's Pov* 
        "What do you mean? How did this happen?" I questioned Jake.

        "Devon, it was a drunk. He hit their car on the highway and they were found dead in a ditch."

        "You're lying! You're just lying!" I screamed.

        "Turn the tv on then." 

        *Zoe's Pov*

        And that's when my world came crashing down.

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