Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


10. First Mission - Chapter 9

Zoe's Pov

I was called down stairs by Jake. He said that it wasn't about dating, but it was important. 

"If this isn't about me and you dating, then what is this about? Because if me and you dating isn't that importa-" 

"You're going on your first mission with us." 


"You heard me." Then another girl came in and sat on his lap. 

I gave him a dirty look, a look telling him he will never get me back. 

"Yeah were's Jason and Jase?"

"In the training room." 

"Thanks." I muttered. Then all I heard was a gunshot. I felt a little stinging in my back. I felt where it was hurting and I was the one who got shot. After that, all I seen was a black room. 

Jason's Pov 

"What the hell!?" I yelled at Jake. "Why would you let that slut come in this house and shoot your ex?" 

"She meant nothing to me."

"What do you mean she meant nothing to you?" I yelled for Jason. 

"Yo whats- YOU SHOT MY SISTER?" He yelled at Jake. 

"Get out of the house, get her to the er Hill. I've got Jake. Caleb!" 

"What are you going to do? You and Caleb against me, thats a piece of cake." He laughed. 

"Caleb is a lot tougher then you think dude. You are no longer in this gang, you have ten minutes to pack and be out of this house. One minute longer and i'm going to shoot your brains out." 

He walked to his room and started packing, and his little slut was helping. 

"Why dont I shorten the time, you have two minutes!" I yelled. 

"Shut up!" A squeaky voice said. 

Then all I seen was the slut and him run out the door. 

Jase's Pov

I told him not to hurt her. If I ever see him again, im going to kill him. 

"Im sorry this happened to you sister. Just please don't leave me. Your the only thing I have left." 

Zoe's Pov


"Darling, you need to wake up for your brother, he loves you as much as I do, but babygirl, its not your time."

"Mom I love you, and why would Jake do this to me?" 

"Baby somethings are better unsaid, I love you too, but wake up, wake up for him and the gang. I love you." 

My eyes started to flutter open and all I can hear is Jase yell for Caleb and Jason.

"I seen mom." 


"Mom told me to wake up for you and the gang." 

"Im glad she told you to do that. I love you so much."

Jason walked into the room. "I kicked him out, gave him three minutes to leave, then I cut it down to one. Im sorry he did that to you Z." 

"Thanks Jason. When do I get out of this hell hole?" 

"Whenever they get the bullet out." 

"Why haven't the got it out yet?!" 

"They couldnt do it with you asleep. So there going to," We looked at the door, watching the doctors come in "do it now."

"Finally, your awake Mrs.Hill!" Said the unknown doctor. "We are going to take you to the surgery room and get that bullet right out of you. How does that sound? Then after we do that you're gonna need to stay for an hour or two then you'll be good to go." 

"Omg Thanks!" 

"Alright lets go." 

"Tell Devon I love her!" I yelled to the guys. 

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