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Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


19. The Plan - Chapter 16

*Tristen's Pov* 

Have you ever wondered how easy it was to plan someone murder? Well I have, and let me tell you it's not that easy. 

"Babe? What are you still doing up? We have a mission to get to in the morning." Justin said in his cute morning voice. 

"Justin. It's already 6'o clock in the morning. It's time for you to get up." I smiled looking down at my ring. 

"Let me tell you something baby girl, as soon as this is all over then we are going to have that wedding that we want. I want something big, with all of our family and maybe the gang, but I promise you this. This wedding will happen and it will happen soon." He smiled. 

"Then our family will start." I said and kissed him. 

"Exactly baby. I love you." 

"I love you too, forever and always." 

"Forever and always." 

We got up, Justin heading straight for the shower, and me getting his clothes for when he was done and clothes for when I get in. 

"Hurry up in there babe! We have to go down stairs in less than 15 minutes and I still have to shower!" I yelled at the door, but got no response. I walked into the bathroom, and all I could see was Justin smiling at me. 

"What?" I blushed but looked down.  

"Get in." 

"Wh-" I got cut off. 

"No asking why, just get in." He smiled as I got undressed. 

"Nothing funky baby, the guys are all here." I laughed as I stepped under the shower head. 

"Fine." He pouted. 

"You can kiss me though." I smiled. 

"Finally! Something I can live with!" He laughed then gave me a long kiss. 

"Tristen! Justin!" Kim yelled through the bathroom door. "It's time!" 

"Alright we will be out in a minute!" Justin yelled. 

"To be continued later." I winked at him and he grinned. 

We walked into the bedroom, a towel around my whole body and a towel around his waist, showing off his v line. I couldn't help but to stare at his body. I watched him get dressed, not looking at his privates, but looking at his smile, like he owned the perfect thing in the world. 

"Tristen?" He asked. 

"Hm. Yeah? What's up." I completely dose out. 

"You're still, well naked." 

"Oh uh yeah I know, I was about to get dressed." I let the towel drop, showing off my curves, letting Justin get a view, but I quickly started getting dressed, seeing Justin biting his lip made me want to go and kiss him and have everything in the world just stop. 

"Uh babe? You can stop looking at me like you want to eat me now." I smiled and blushed. 

"Well I do want to kiss you, so come here." I walked over to him and kissed him. 

"Im glad you liked the show." I whispered in his ear.

I walked into the hall, slowly going down into the living room, but then I stopped. 

"But what if her plan doesnt work, Ryan." Kim asked. 

"It will, im sure of it, plus its not just gonna be her ideas, we all are going to add some stuff. Plus shes one of the toughest b*tches I know. She has this. She's my best friend." 

"Yeah well she's mine too. So if she gets hurt or worse, i'm killing you." She yelled. 

"Yeah well none of that is gonna happen because I know what im doing." I yelled over their voices. 

"Lets get started." Justin and I said at the same time. 

*After the planning and craziness* 

"So its set."

 Friday, 3:00 o'clock. I come and only myself."

Yep. Got the date. Ok that's all you need? Ok see you then."

I hung the phone up. I hated acting like I wanted to join Alex's gang. 

"It's set guys." I wanted to cry. 

"It's gonna be ok, Tristen." Justin hugged me. 

"B-but what if i-it isnt?" I started to cry into his shoulder.

"Myself and Justin will make sure of it Tristen." Ryan yelled into the room. 

"I will never let anything hurt you. Just remember that." Justin calmed me down. 

"So I guess this means its go time?" I asked, wiping my tears away. 

"I guess it is. I love you." He frowned. 

"I love you too." I kissed him. 

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