You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


8. The Gang - Part Two Chapter 7

                *Pepper's POV* 

        "Yes Boss?" Chaz and Ryan both spoke at the same time. 

        "Pepper has something to tell the both of you."    

        "But Jason, I- i-" I got cut off by an angry Jason. 

        "Tell them or I will!" Jason yelled. 

        "I-i like you both." I said running to my room, not wanting to be seen by anyone. 

        How did I get into this mess? I thought that Jason would understand. But now I'm getting forced to love Chaz and Ryan. How is this possible? Then there was a knock at the door. 
        "Pepper? I know that your in there." Jason said calmly.     

        "What do you want? You're forcing me to love Chaz and Ryan, when I love you!" I yelled at the door, hearing the lock on the door unlocking. 

        "Im sorry, Pepper, I-i can't, your my brothers ex. Okay? If you and him wouldn't have gone out then we would have been fine."

All I heard was "I can't." And every thing went dark. 
        "Pepper!" A loud voice yelled. 

        "Pepper!" I know who it was. It was Jason

       "Where am I?" I asked sounding bad.

        "We're at the little hospital room in my house."
        "Oh." Was all I said.
        "Can I ask you something?" He sounded sad. 
        "Yes?" I asked.

        "Im so so sorry, you can go to the boys and tell them that I forced you to 'love them'. Im sorry Pepper. Please forgive me." He sounded serious.

        "I don't know, you can't date me remem-." He cut me off and I got pissed. 

        "I love you, Okay?!" He yelled and ran out of the hospital room. Aka his own little hospital in his house. 

        How could he love me? I always thought that he loved all of those little B and S's he brought home. They always wore to much make up or to much perfume. They always stunk. And how could I. Im horrible, I was rude to Tristen. I have to find Tristen and tell her I'm sorry. She was nice to me all that time. But then I went and tried to take Justin back and then I got beat. Well that was my fault anyways.  I need to be more nicer to her. 

                I grabbed my phone and I dialed Tristen's number. 

                "Hello?" I asked scared that she might hang  up on me. 
                "Hi!" She said really nice. Im not sure she knew it was me who was calling. 

                "Tristen I'm sorry for what I've done to you, you're a great person and I was wondering if we could become   frie-." 
                "Of course we can Pepper. You're a really good person too!" 

                 "Thanks Tristen you're the best, now can  I talk to Justin, I really need to ask him something."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Sure thing, just hold on."                                                                                                                                           

        “Hello?” He asked unsure what to say.


        “I know that we dated, but would you be mad if, if I dated Jason, because if you will I-” Justin interrupted me.


        “I don’t see what the problem is with you dating him, so go ahead.” He said. “But Pepper, Tristen and I are about to leave so I have to go. Bye.”

        Seconds later he hung the phone up, I didn’t even get the chance to say thank you or bye.

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