You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


1. The Fight - Chapter One

 *Tristen's POV*
        "Tonight's the night mom, I've been thinki----" I was cut off by my drunk mother. "You've been thinking huh? Then why don't you get your a** up those stairs and clean my room." My mother yelled at me. "I don't want to." As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I was slapped. The next day I got up at five to get ready for school, once I finished it was around 7:00 am, so I decided to start heading to school and ask Kimberly if she wants to go with me to Justin's concert. I got to the school, got out of the car and headed inside. There she was waiting for me. "Kim!" I yell. 'Please just listen and say yes! I have two tickets to see Justin Bieber perform in L.A.!!! I need you to go with me!" I yelled at her. "Omg, Tristen how did you get the tickets???" She yelled back. "I have been saving my money just for this!!" I almost started crying. "We have to go no matter what anyone says, we just have too!!!" She told me. 
        Nothing else in the world matters. I need to see him, he is all I need. So that night I prayed to God and asked him if I was going to see my idol and I thought to myself "Of course i'm going to see him." I would have never had enough money if God wasn't helping me. My mom doesn't care about Justin so if I ever meet him would she care then?? "Mom!!! Kim and I have tickets to go and see Justin Bieber on Sunday! I love you and thanks for letting us go!" I yelled down the stairs. "Tristen Jane get down here now!!" She yelled. "Coming." I yelled.

        "Who do you think you are?? You didn't get permission to go! I never gave you money to get the tickets. Did you steal them, you stole them didn't you!" She was mad now. 
"No mom! I have a job remember. I save my money! You don't even care about me, Justin used to be my best friend when I was little, and now he doesn't even remember me, because you decided to run off with my loser of a father!" And I ran off. 
        I went to my room, called Kim and told her I couldn't go. After the phone call I took a shower and started crying. That's when my mom came into my room. "Tristen, bunny, i'm sorry, I know how much this means to you, you can go on one condition." Bunny is my nickname my mom gave me.  "And that is?? I really want to g-- wait, I get to go?!" I yelled. "I have to call Kim, she'll be happy, this has been the time of my life I have been waiting for!!!" I almost yelled. "Yes but when you get home you have to start getting your grades up. Leave tonight, the show is on Sunday, you'll have the extra day to have a good time, and might get to see him earlier then when the concert is." my mom told me. 
"Omg my thank you so much!!" I can't believe that she told me I could go!! 
        When I heard that news all I could do is jump up and down and I had to call Kim, but then I got told that Kim and I have to work at my mom’s store that she owned. When I got told this, I didn’t want to go anymore. Why don’t I want to to go anymore? I’ve been waiting for this moment for my whole life and now just because I got permission to, and I don’t want to go? I’m going anyways. 
        “Kim? A-are you-u there? I need to talk to you-” then after I heard this “After the tone, please record your message.” “I need to talk to you now Kim! I need you now!” I yelled into the phone.
Then after the message I got a phone call.
        “Tristen! I’m on my way right now!” Then Kim hung up. I went to the front porch and waited. Than I seen a car pull up. Is that Kim?? I got up and went to the driveway, and then Kim hurried up and parked the car and ran into the house and I followed her in the house, she went to my room and I went in and she shut the door.  

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