You're The One I Want

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


1. The Fight - Chapter One

 *Tristen's POV*
        It's in the middle of the night and I was thinking about Justin's concert. I want to go. The next day I got up at five to go to school and ask Kimberly if she wants to go with me. Kim better say yes, man if she doesn't i'm going to cry my eyes out. I got to the school, got out of the car and headed inside. There she was waiting for me. "KIM!" I yell. 'Please just listen and say yes! I have two tickets to see Justin Bieber perform here in town!!! I need you to go with me!" I yelled at her. "OMG Tristen how did you get the tickets???" She yelled back. "I have been saving my money just for this!!" I almost started crying. "We have to go no matter what anyone says, we just have too!!!" She told me. 
        Nothing else in the world matters. I need to see him, he is all I need. So that night I prayed to God and asked him if I was going to see my idol and I thought to myself "Of course i'm going to see him." I would have never had enough money if God wasn't helping me. My mom doesn't care about Justin so if I ever meet him would she care then?? "Mom!!! Kim and I have tickets to go and see Justin Bieber tomorrow! We well be back around twelve or twelve thirty. I love you and thanks for letting us go!" I yelled down the stairs. "Tristen Janett get down here NOW!!" She yelled. "Coming." 

        "Who do you think you are?? You didn't get permission to go! I never gave you money to get the tickets. Did you steal them, you stole them didn't you!" She was mad now. 
"No mom! I have a job remember. I save my money! You don't even care about me, Justin IS MY IDOL YOU SHOULD KNOW BUT YOU DON"T LISTEN!!!!" And I ran off. 
        I went to my room, called Kim and told her I couldn't go. After the phone call I took a shower and started crying. That's when my mom came into my room. "Tristen, bunny, i'm sorry, I know how much this means to you, you can go on one condition." Bunny is my nickname my mom gave me.  "And that is?? I really want to g-- wait, I GET TO GO?!?!?!" I yelled. "I have to call Kim, she'll be happy, this has been the time of my life I have been waiting for!!!" I almost yelled. "Yes but when you get home you have to start getting your grades up. Leave tonight, the show is on Sunday, you'll have the extra day to have a good time, and might get to see him earlier then when the concert is." my mom told me. 
"Omg my thank you so much!!" I can't believe that she told me I could go!! 
        When I heard that news all I could do is jump up and down and I had to call Kim, but then I got told that Kim and I have to work at my mom’s store that she owned. When I got told this, I didn’t want to go anymore. Why don’t I want to to go anymore? I’ve been waiting for this moment for my whole life and now just because I got permission to, and I don’t want to go? I’m going anyways. 
        “Kim? A-are you-u there? I need to talk to you-” then after I heard this “After the tone, please record your message.” “I need to talk to you now KIM! I need you now!” I yelled into the phone.
Then after the message I got a phone call.
        “Tristen! I’m on my way right now!” Then Kim hung up. I went to the front porch and waited. Than I seen a car pull up. Is that Kim?? I got up and went to the driveway, and then Kim hurried up and parked the car and ran into the house and I followed her in the house, she went to my room and I went in and she shut the door.        

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