You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


17. Questions - Chapter 14

*Tristen's Pov* 

"Why are you doing this Justin?" I couldn't believe that he was doing this, it was all to much and I can't understand why. 

"Well, babe, you left me, so now Im gonna kill you if your friends dont show up before midnight." He laughed in my face. 

"When you go back to your old self, you will regret killing me Justin, so let me go, please." I cried. 

"I can't im sorry but I wont feel bad or regret anything. Dont underestimate me. I will do anything I can to get what I want." 

I looked at Justin, then to the door.

"I wouldn't even think about it doll, I have guys out there that will kill you if I tell them to." 

I looked at Justin. He wasn't looking at me, but at the window. 

"How-." I got rudely interrupted. 

"I know things and I know how you think." 

*Justin's Pov* 

It's hard acting like I hate her, but I have to do this to protect her. I can't tell her whats going on, because the big man told me if I did, he'd kill everyone I love, including her, even if that means I have to watch her fall in love with Jason. I will do anything to protect her, even if it means i'm losing her. 

"Because I said so Tristen!" I yelled at her. 

"Please Justin, let me go home." She cried and it made me hurt so much inside. Jason and Chaz better show up before I have to die myself, along with Tristen. 

"They. Better. Show. Up." She sobbed threw her muffled cries. 

"Go to the bathroom and cry you stupid whore!" Ouch. That even hurt me. 

She got up and ran away to the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. 

*Text Justin gets, Mg means mystery guy and Jb means well I think you know who* 

Mg- They better come with the package. If they do, you four can all live and I'll leave you alone. If they don't you kill them all and then work for me forever. Clocks ticking better hurry. 

Jb- Don't worry, they will show. I know they will, but can I cut the act and start being loving to my girlfriend. 

I hate sitting and waiting for this d**k to answer. *Five minutes later* 

Mg- Sure thing, but just letting you know. Just remember, if you tell her, then you cant hide from me forever. So remember that before you tell her. 

Jb- Ugh, but after this is over I can right? 

Mg- After but not before kid. I gtg bye. 

Jb- Bye.

I heard Tristen sobbing some more, so I grabbed some tissues from the box and slid them under the door. Then there was banging at the door. 

"Time to shine." I laughed and smiled at myself.

*Tristen's Pov* 

"Where is she?!" I knew it was Jason by his voice. 

"Calm down, did you bring it?" 

"Do you think im dumb, here have your package, I dont care about it." He yelled. 

"Inside the room, in the bathroom." He said. 

*Justin's Pov* 

"Inside the room, in the bathroom." I said calmly. 

"But hey dude. After this is all over, I will show you why this happened." I whispered so that Tristen couldn't hear me. 

"Alright, but if it's because you couldn't handle it, your dead." 

Mg- They showed up yet? 

Jb- Yep, got the package. I'll send it to you and then im done and im going home. 

Mg- Alright, but be sure to tell them who it was. Your brother Alex. 😈 

Jb- Will do, bye Im going home. Package is in the mail

Mg- Bye loser, if I were you, I would stay here. It pays more.

Jb- Goodbye

Im going home! 


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