You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


11. Missing Part Two - Chapter 9

   *Justin's Pov*

The girls are missing, and it's my birthday and I have to find them. Who ever took my girls, I'm almost there and I'm coming for you.

        *Pepper's Pov* 

        "Tristen, you've got to wake up!" I yelled in her ear, hearing footsteps. 

        "Pepper?" Sounded like a man's voice. 

        "Who is it?!"  I screamed scared that it was the gang leader Vaper. 
        "Calm down, it's me and Im here to get you and my little Princess out of there." 

        Then I realized it was Justin, looking for me and his so called little Princess. 
        "You've got to hurry Justin, Tristen's not awake, I think it's what I told her." And then all I seen was smoke and Justin picking up Tristen. I must have told him the right thing to because Jason was there with him and now Jason was holding me and telling me he was sorry for.

        *Jason's Pov*
        "Pepper, I'm sorry for everything I have done to you, Im sorry for acting like I didnt love you back, Im sorry for making you tell the boys that you love them, and Pepper, I love you." And thats when she kissed me. 

        *Tristen's Pov* 
        Why do I feel like Im being cared? I knew it, he's come for me! I open my eyes and there he was, with his beautiful face! 

       "Happy Birthday, Baby. I know this isn't how we planned to spend it, but we're with each other, and with the people we love, so Im telling you, and I hope what I planned, even after this, that it's going to be the best present to you." 

        "Babe, anything you do, I love, and just because this happened, it wont let me down, I have you in my arms and you're here with me again, you're all I need. You're my safe zone baby.

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