You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


10. Missing - Chapter 9

(A/N Picture is of Tristen and Pepper, but that's not really us)

*Tristen's Pov*

        How did I get here? Where's Jason... Justin. I want to go back home with Justin again. I miss him. Do they know i'm missing?

        "Tristen?" I heard a familiar voice. 
        "Is that you Pepper?" I asked, not being able to see around the room, because of how dark it was. After I yelled her name, she came and hugged me. 
        "Tristen, it's the other gang that took us. They took us for bait." Then I passed out. 

        *Dream Tristen is having*

Bait for what? We're bait. We're going to die, aren't we. I'm surrounded in a dark room, needles in my arm. People around me. Pepper was crying on the chair next to me, my crying mom, and a crying Justin. Justin. I have to get back to Justin.

"Tristen, you need to stay strong and wake back up. I'll be there so soon, you won't even know I'm there with you. Just wake up for Pepper, for Jason, for Me, I love you Tristen." 

*End Of Dream*

As soon as he said that, I was happy. Happy because I know that Justin loves me. Loves me enough to come and find me and be in my dream telling me this. 

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