You're The One I Want

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


2. Kim's Little Secret - Chapter 2

     Kim and I we're getting in the car to go to L.A. so that we could get there and try and meet Justin before the concert. As soon as we got on the highway my mom called Kim. "Kim!! Put it on the speaker phone NOW!!!" Yelled Mrs. Renfro. "Ok, Ok! Your on!" Kim said. "You need to come home now!! I don't know how but some one found you!!!!" She yelled. "Ok we'll be there in ten minutes." I yelled back. Then she hung up.         

        "Who could it be now, Kim?? I'm getting fed up. We need to leave already." I told her and she stayed quite. When we got back home, there was a car in the driveway and it wasn't Kim's. I got out of the car and went to unlock the door and my mom opened the door for Kim and I.
        We walked in and I walked into the living room, and there he was! OMG it was JUSTIN BIEBER!!! And I had almost fainted. "Are you ok?" He asked me. "Oh my gosh. I was just on my way to L.A. to go to your concert. I thought you would be there." I told him. "No I seen the video of you on youtube and I needed to find you." I went over to him and gave him a huge hug. He was happy. And I was happy!
                "I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time Justin, I wish it could last for a long time."

                "So do I Tristen, so do I." Justin replied.
         That's when I was wanting to tell him that it could be us for a long time but i decided not to. He was happy and I was too so I didn't want anything to change that. 
           "Justin.... I have been waiting to meet you for a long time."

         "Tristen, your just to kind, you know I was about to say that, ever since I have seen your covers on youtube. I wished for this moment for a long time."

         And then your friend here, Miss.Kimberly, or Kim, called Scooter and told him all of it and he told me. He knows how much this meant to me. Justin thought to himself.

         I can't wait to get to know him for the rest of the time he is going to be here. I wish he didn't have to leave so soon, but I guess I am going to see him tomorrow night at the concert. 
        "Tristen will you sing on stage with me?" He asked so polity.

        "Well I-"

         "Tristen that would mean the most to me, I wish I would have found your house sooner, then we could have practiced the song together."  

        "Well I guess I can. I mean I didn't waste my money at all." I almost cried when he told me that. 
        "You can get your money back, or maybe even more, this means a lot to me, Tristen I love you." Then all I did was get all teary, I wanted to say it back but that's when I started to cry.
        "It's alright Tristen, you don't have to cry." "But I love you too Justin." I cried on some more.  "I just wish that you wouldn't have said that because who knows how long it will be until you leave. I do love you back but you may be leaving soon." I told him needing a tissue.         

        "What-t's going on?" I asked shifting my eyes from Kim, to my mom, then to Justin. "I'm waiting!" I yelled at Kim. "I- I don't know." She said lying. "Mom?" She shook her head no. 

                "Justin?" I asked worrying. 

       *Justin's POV*

        "I know Tristen, I know you do, but i'm not going anywhere, you are." I smiled at her. "What-t do you mean?" Tristen asked looking at her mom.  "I'm your mother, and well Tristen, when Justin got here, he told me a lot about him and his tour, and well he wants you to go on tour with him." Mrs. Renfro told her while looking at me, and I feel myself turn red in the face. 

        "I, Justin Bieber, am asking you to go on tour with me. Tristen, will you do me the honors of going with me and having the best time of your life?" I asked scared she might say no. 
        "Of Course!!" She yelled and started to cry. "I need to pack and get my hairbrush and my toothbrush and a new phone, and well I need to get every thing I hav-." I cut her off. "Tristen, you don't need anything. I will buy you anything you need, and anything you want." I smiled. 
        "You really don't need too." Tristen wasn't sure anymore. 

        "I want to Tristen, I want to." And I was ready for this tour. 

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