You're The One I Want--------ON HOLD

Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


20. Friday - Chapter 17

*Tristen's Pov* 

Dear Diary, 

You never know how fast time flies by well, until its the day for a fight. I know i'm not gonna go down easy, but I also have to remember that Alex is also one tough guy. I mean he can be a good guy when he wants to be, but thats not gonna stop me from killing him. Today is Friday. It is currently 2:00 Pm. Which means I have 30 minutes to get ready for the plan. I have to wake Justin up or else we all know he wont wake his lazy butt up. Honestly, i'm scared for today. If I don't make it, I will have this sent to mother. Only you, me and mother are allowed to know. I will always want to remember everything if I do live, so that's your purpose love. I'll see you soon.

Love, Tristen. 

"Justin, Its time for you to get up, we have 27 minutes to get ready love." I woke him up, and he groaned at me. 

"If you don't get up, then im leaving by myself and doing this alone." I yelled at him, walking into the closet to get ready. I looked back at the bed where Justin was and he wasn't there anymore. I continued to get dressed and felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and I knew for sure it was him. 

"I love you so mu-." I kissed Justin. I know he loves me so why not show it instead? 

"You know you can't just kiss me when you want to, love, you know what happens!" Justin smirked at me. I looked at him and just smirked back. He knows I love him and that I always will. 

"I can do what I want, your mine and only mine babe." I kissed him again, and then turned to finish getting ready. "You have more than enough time to have your fun with me right now babe." Justin winked at me and I slapped him on the chest. "No! I have to get this over with baby." I looked at him and I knew that today was going to go by fast. 

I was ready around 2:40, but I have to go alone for now. I have to wear a transparent ear piece to tell Justin and everyone else to come and get the killing over with, but then I can just do it while i'm there right? 

"I know what you're thinking, Tristen, and it's not gonna work, that's why you have some back up people to help." Justin frowned at me. "I know, I know. I love you but I have got to go." I looked at him helplessly. "Go, we'll be there soon." He kissed me. I never knew this would be my life. 

*Skip Drive There* 

"So, tell me, can you shoot?" Alex asked. 
"Of course. Now why would I want to join a gang, if I didn't know how to?" I asked him, kinda getting mad. 

"Why are you getting upset, darling?" I wanted to throw up just because he called me darling. 

"Im not, i'm just siked to be here, and I can't wait to meet everyone!" I smiled nicely. 

"Alright, all we have to do is see how well you can shoot, then we will see if you can join!" Alex smiled at me. Ha, just wait til I shoot you myself. 

"Alright I'm ready!" I wasn't really that excited, but I pretended to be, just for his sake. 

We walked to the shooting range that was right in the backyard of his friends house, and then he handed me a gun. 

"Go ahead and shoot the gun at the target." Alex looked at me.

"Wait! I have to use the restroom first!" I yelled at him. 

"Go to the left and then turn right, the bathrooms should be right there." Alex smiled at me. 

"Alright thanks." I smiled. I ran to the bathroom and quickly took my phone out of my bra. 

Justin, you need to get here now, there are a few people in the house, not a lot, me and Alex are in the shooting range out in the back. Hurry. I love you. Never forget that. 

I sent the text message to him, and put my phone back in my bra and ran back to Alex. 
"I'm ready." I was serious. I knew that Justin was right down the street. I'll give it five minutes and if he doesn't show up, im shooting Alex myself. 

"Alright, so let's begin with a moving target." He looked at me, then pointed at the target on the wall. 

I shot it in the middle three times. The next target, I had missed once, but other than that I think I did fine. After we had finished with the shooting, I told Alex I needed to go to the bathroom and get changed into something more comfortable and he agreed. I put on sweats and a sweatshirt, putting my gun into the back of my sweats. 

Justin- Im here, get ready, I'll be in the house.  

I texted him 'alright' and walked out. 

I walked out and I couldn't seem to find Alex. I felt a pair of arms around my waist and l looked at who it was. It was Alex. 

"Wha-" He cut me off.

"Don't move." He whispered into my ear. He turned me around, and he started to kiss down my neck. Once he got to my collar bone, he grabbed onto my face and he kissed me on the lips. Me being me, I tried to get away, but he grabbed onto me and was getting aggressive. I tried to push him away, but that didn't work.

"Let me breath for one second, baby girl." Alex looked at me and smiled. 

"Alright." I looked at him and faked a smile, slowly I started to reach for my gun. 

I ended up grabbing my gun, and I looked at him. 

"Trist-" I cut him off by shooting him in the leg, I started to aim for his head, but I got shaky and shot him in his left shoulder. 

"You b*tch!" He yelled and shot me right above my heart. As soon as the bullet hit me, I fainted. 


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