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Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


14. Concerts All Over Again- Chapter 12

Tristen's Pov

"No Justin, we have to finish the concerts, if we don't then we will be disappointing the fans."

"No, I will not go back to that."

"You know what, stay, I will finish what you started."

"Have fun, bye baby!"

"Don't call me that." I looked at him madly. "Why are you acting like this all of the sudden?"

"You whore, i'm turning into my old self, because I joined the gang again, there's somethings that will go back to how I was before my career took off. Get used to it."  He smirked. 

"Whatever, once i'm done with your tour i'm done. Have a nice life Justin." I almost let a tear slip but I didn't, I wanted to show him that I was strong. 

I got up and went to my room well our room, and I started to pack my things. I was done with this gang and I was done with Justin. All of a sudden Chaz came into the room and started to help me. 

"Why are you helping me? I thought that we were friends." 

"Oh trust me, we are and i'm leaving with you too. I can't stand the thought of the old Justin. Just promise me when he's fully the old Justin, you won't go near him at all." He was serious. 

"Okay, I promise, only if we can rent a house together and be roomies!" I said loudly. 

"Okay okay we can be!" He laughed and started to pack faster.

"Why are you packing so fast Chaz? Is it really that bad?" I'm curious to see where this leads to.

"No it's a lot worse then you think. Why do you think he didn't want you to say yes when Jason said you guys had to come and join." 

"Oh." Was all I could manage to let out of my mouth. 

I only had two boxes, which I put in my car so Chaz and I could leave. I only have two  boxes because Justin had just started taking me shopping last week and we didn't get everything I needed, but then again I don't need his money anymore. I've become as famous as he is, maybe even bigger. 

"Chaz?" I walked into his room.

"Yes?" He had four boxes, but they weren't big ones.

"Im ready are you? I've already put my things into my car." I smiled faintly. 

"Yeah, just give me a minute."

"Alright, I'll be downstairs telling everyone goodbye." 

I heard him say ok while I walked downstairs. 

"Tristen! You small teddy bear! I'm gonna miss you so much! You better call and text me." He laughed and hugged me. 

"I promise, now put your number in my phone while I tell everyone else bye." 

"Oh i'm gonna miss you all!" I cried into Jason's arm. 

"Oh Kitten, I'll text you and call you." 

I laughed at what Jason called me. 

"Alright give me my phone were leaving."


"Here, just go already before I start to cry, and that's nothing anyone wants to see." He fake cried. 

I walked out the door, not saying anything to Justin, because no one knew where he was and I really didn't care because he called me a whore. 

"Ready?" I asked Chaz, while I got into the driver's seat. 


Chaz's pov

Tristen's been driving for hours, crying while she thinks i'm sleeping. He really messed her up, he was her first and he screwed it up the next day. No wonder she wants to leave. He's a dick to her, and she's my best friend so I am leaving with her. 

"Tristen? It's okay to cry, do you want me to drive?" 

"Uh no, its fine we're here anyways." She looked startled when I said her name. 

"Oh okay." 

"Thank you for being with me right now Chaz.Your the best friend I could ever ask for." 

"No problem," I smiled, "But I think Kim missed you!" I laughed when she got out of the car and ran to Kim, almost falling. 

Tristen's Pov

"I broke up with Justin." I cried into her arms.

"I know, Chaz texted me." She blushed.  

"OMG I am hooking you guys up!" 

"No just wait please?!" She begged me so I respected what she asked me. 

"Okay! Fine, I will wait." I said sadly. 

"Aren't you and him gonna live together?"

"Yeah, but only as friends." 

"Well come in!" 

I laughed as she was excited that I was back home.

*3 Hours later* 

"Well as fun as this has been, Chaz and I still need to go home and unpack." I looked like I needed a shower, which I did. 

"Okay, but as soon as you guys are finished, you better come back." 

"Alright alright!!" Chaz laughed holding his hands in the air. 

"So, we better be going, Love you Kim!" I yelled, and I walked out the door and about three minutes later Chaz comes out looking happy as can be.

"Oh wow, did you guys just kiss?" I asked. 

Chaz nodded and blushed. 

"Omg! You guys are perfect for each other!" I screamed and he laughed. 

As soon as we got home, I went upstairs and set the bed up and fell asleep. 

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