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Tristen falls in love with Super star Justin Bieber.. Not knowing he loves her too, she goes to his concert... Read to find the rest out. ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED--------------ON HOLD BEING UPDATED AND REWROTE


18. Apologizes and kisses - Chapter 15

*Justin's Pov* 

"Im going home, i'm going home tonight." I sang, packing all of my clothes. 

Chaz(To all) - Whats going on?  

Ryan(To All) - What do you mean you're going to explain?

Jason(To all) - Wth was that back there? 

Justin- Okay guys, calm down, it was to protect you all. 

Chaz, Ryan and Jason- Protect us from what? Have you forgot who we are?!

Ha thats funny they all said the same thing.

Justin (To all) - Wanna know who? ALEX


Justin (To all)  Yep, not my fault at all, he told me if I told you guys before I got the package, then you all would be gone, gone as in dead. So I had to do that to you guys and Tristen, even tho I didn't want to. 

Jason (To all)- Guess we have a new mission boys, time to kill Mine and Justin's brother

*Tristen's Pov* 

I woke up and i took my phone off of the charger.

I looked over at my phone and see a new notification. 

One new message from Justin Bieber

I laughed at myself, why is he even trying to contact me? 

I put my phone down and went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. Once I got done with my shower, I put a towel around my body and opened the bathroom door, and walked to my room. I went into the room, shut and locked the door, and just stopped right in my tracks. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked scared.

"Tristen, please, please don't be scared. I have to explain the situation to you. Please?!" He cried. 

"S-speak t-then." I stuttered. 

"Can I show you?" He questioned.

"I-i..." I couldn't find the words.

"We won't go anywhere, it's on my phone." 

"S-sure." I couldn't quite understand why I was so scared. 

He sent me the messages on my phone. 

Alex- They better come with the package. If they do, you four can all live and I'll leave you alone. If they don't you kill them all and then work for me forever. Clocks ticking better hurry. 

Jb- Don't worry, they will show. I know they will, but can I cut the act and start being loving to my girlfriend. 

Alex- Sure thing, but just letting you know. Just remember, if you tell her, then you cant hide from me forever. So remember that before you tell her. 

Jb- Ugh, but after this is over I can right? 

Alex- After but not before kid. I gtg bye. 

Jb- Bye.

"H-he did this?" I cried. 

"I didn't want to, he made me. Please forgive me!" He sobbed into the bed. 

I quickly put on some clothes and ran to him. I hugged him and wouldn't let go. 

"Im so sorry Tristen. I wish I would have never put you into this mess." 

"No Justin! It was my fault. I said yes. Not you! You warned me and I didn't listen, but you know what. Payback is a b**ch. So lets start planning tomorrow morning." I whispered, not wanting Chaz or Ryan to hear. 

"The guys know already Tristen, I told them this morning." 

"Oh. Well they can help plan too." I told him. 

"Can we watch movies? Please Tristen, I am so sorry, I don't even know how to make it up to you." He cried a little.

"Sure thing babe." I kissed his nose. I told you, threw thick and threw thin, we will make it.

"I um actually, uh bought you something Tristen. This was meant to happen yesterday but then Alex made me do all that stuff, but um." He stuttered. 

"Yes?" I questioned. 

"Will you marry me?" Justin asked. He was on one knee and had a ring in his hand. 

"Yes! A million times yes!" I screamed. I got up off of the bed and kissed him. It was the most passionate kiss we had in a long time. 

He put the ring on my finger, and I looked at it some more. 

"Why did you get me such a big ring?" I asked. 

"To show my love for you, your mine and mine forever Tristen."

We got into bed and we feel asleep, watching Finding Dory, Justin's new favorite movie, which I can agree is very good. 


Lol I don't know if Justin has seen finding dory in real life, but in the story its his favorite lol. I hope you like this chapter, because there will be more to come. I'm thinking about after my next chapter, that there will be a time skip, but Im not sure yet. I hope you like it thanks! 



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