The Progenitor has been captured, and is on her way to her death. How will she escape and if she doesn't does this mean that she will be the cause for the deaths of all vampires? Or will she be able to survive and find the other half of her soul that has eluded her for a 100 centuries?


1. Prologue

I am the progenitor, a fancy word for the very first. It was a curse bestowed upon me from my mother when my father died, trying to save me instead of her, soon after she put the curse on me, there was an anonymous tip, saying she was a witch and she was burned at the stake. I didn't feel bad about it, for after so many years of not aging for finding your other half of your soul you stop feeling emotions. That is why, I got caught, cause I go thirsty, and I just didn't care when I drained a whole household. Which is why finally I am heading to my execution, which then means the execution of the whole vampire race....

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