Sentenced To Risk: Lost City

Ghosts, long forgotten ‘non-existent’ monsters, and – most importantly – memorable adventures. And this is only the beginning... Jihun loves money and risk. To combine good and useful, he works as ‘risk to rent’ and being paid by a big shots, he’s setting out on a dangerous expeditions. Always eager for every adventure, one day he receives a proposal to set out on a new expedition in search of the mysterious Lost City. Will he also take this risk?


1. Invitation

I’d like to announce something first: I’m not a greedy person. I’m kind, loyal, and positive. I’m just... how to put it... too curious? Bored? I love money sooo much? That’s a bit complicated in my case, but I’m not GREEDY. Heejun and Youjin always tell me I should stop doing it, but it’s stronger than me, you know? Besides, who don’t like adventures?

My name is Kim Jihun and if you found this journal, you’re the luckiest person on Earth! Or somewhere else, it depends. You’ll know my story, which I didn’t tell anyone yet. It happened a year ago. But beware: this is only the first part and it consists a lot of strange and unbelievable stuff, so if you have weak heart and don’t like creepy thingies, don’t read it. I don’t want to be responsible for another death, or insanity (and both happened, so I’d advise you to believe me). And if you’re brave person with not so vivid imagination (vivid imagination is really bad... I have it, so I’m telling you this from experience), you’re welcome to read it! Just remember to switch on the lights and put some salt on the windowsill (just in case, don’t worry). If you have any questions or complaints, go to guy called Park Chanyeol. He’s really busy lad, but I’m sure he’ll help you out (yes, that was sarcasm).

Now, can we begin?


I was an ordinary twenty two year old, however I didn’t go to school at all. My family wasn’t poor, but my parents were busy and traveled all the time, so I was raised by my mother’s sister. I didn’t know even my parents’ real occupations, not to mention their faces, which I’ve seen only in pictures. However, I didn’t hate them. I heard they were good to me and everyone else. Sometimes I could talk to them on the phone, but the last time I spoke to them was five years ago. Some said they died, some that they went missing. I didn’t believe in both. I was sure they just had some... circumstances not to contact me. Aunt was really fearful and had vivid imagination (like me), so she decided to believe that they died and she put their funeral photos in their room. That I hated, but I couldn’t say anything to her, because she had weak heart.

I didn’t go to school, but I wasn’t bored. Because of aunt’s personality and paranoia, she didn’t want me to go to public places. She was sure I’ll be bullied, won’t do well with classes, and be more bullied. That was why I got a private teacher, or should I say my private adventure teller. Park Dae Jung was my parents’ old friend and with pleasure taught me basics. I was in love with history, architecture, arts, and religion. But what I liked the most were stories, which Mr. Park told me. After each lesson I heard one story and started to create some kind of fan fictions with me as the main character in those spectacular adventures. The stories consisted fantasy world mixed with our technology. It was the most awesome part of my childhood. Well, my life is still awesome, just like me. Even though I stopped studying with Mr. Park six years ago (he ‘vanished’ one day, but I believed he was alive somewhere), since then I began my mystical work called ‘risk for rent’.

It was a small business at the beginning, I just worked for a few people finding things, or collecting evidences of lost items’ existence. But after two years ‘Risk For Rent’ became my slogan and real job. I’ve got a few good paid expeditions to tombs, old houses (mostly haunted), and once I was in the forgotten mine and found a lot of gold (that was the best paid trip. I liked it). It was fun and worthy, but aunt’s eagle eyes were scanning my condition after each job. Well, as you can guess I didn’t come back without some damages, or injuries. My aunt restricted my freedom to minimum, so lately my website was empty with requests, after I rejected a few. Now money were slowly vanishing and my boredom reached its high level, so I started to meet people.

Aunt didn’t know it, but I had two childhood friends: Heejun and Youjin. Heejun was my neighbor and Youjin was living two streets away, but we met once in my base, when he got lost as a child, and became friends. They didn’t like the risk like me, so I have long ceased to preoccupy their heads with my hobbies. Oh, no. They were funny guys (Youjin was sometimes ‘no fun’, but I had a special method for that keke). We were spending our time dreaming about great adventures, as I was telling them Mr. Park’s stories. But they would never participate in something like this in real life.

One chilly day in October my boredom reached its critical stage, so I returned to look for a job. It was already midnight and I was staring at the computer wrapped in the blanket. Suddenly I got an e-mail. I opened it, without much interest at first. It was from some Adventurer_57. I yawned and started to read, hoping it wasn’t a spam or virus mail.


Dear Mr. Kim,


We’d like to invite you to a great adventure! We’ve heard about your achievements and we want you to join an expedition to find mystical Lost City of Haneul Nala. The initial payment is 300 million won. The gathering will be in a week at the Sinchon railway station in Seoul.

We’ll send you the details after we get your answer. We’ll wait till 4 p.m. tomorrow.


With best regards,

Co-organizer Park S. H.


I opened my mouth and drooled unconsciously. 300 MILLION!? I’ve never gathered so much in ALL my expeditions! Damn, I’m taking it and nothing will –!

“Wait...” In a second I lost all my energy. “Haneul Nala (for non-Koreans: Sky Kingdom)? Where have I heard of it...”

Then something popped up in my head and I looked at my wall, which was full of my parents’ photos. The last photo they sent me was with some sentence, if I remembered correctly. The photo represented a place where they were seen for the last time. I took the photo and turned it. There was a sentence indeed and I felt anxiety and excitement in the same time.


We’ve discovered a great place called Sky Kingdom and we’re going there now. We’ll see you soon, baby.

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