Love Can Be Blind

Blair Croffer is beautiful, but everyone can see it but her. But its not what she's known for. People look past who she really is and treat her different for her disability instead of treating her as a normal girl. You see, Blair is blind. Boyfriend #1: Couldn't see past her blind spots Boyfriend #2: Couldn't see past her beauty Boyfriend #3: Couldn't hear, so that didn't really work out.... All Blair wants is to be treated as a normal individual. Just like normal people, she does her laundry and goes out to coffee shops. And one special coffee shop in particular every Thursday after school, where the cashier Brian, is always welcoming her and waiting. Brian is quiet and has a big crush on Blair. The thing is: He doesn't know she's blind. With Brian completely oblivious, will Blair succeed in making him believe she's normal? That she's not blind? Or will she end up falling head over heels?


3. Chapter 3.

{ Blairs POV }

"Thank you, Brian for the offer but..."
"I'll pick you up at eight tonight." He stated, his voice growing distant as he shouted back "I'll see you then."

I can't go out with HIM. Out of everyone, I can't go on a date with him. I'm pretty sure he's oblivious to the fact that I'm blind. Either he's incredible stupid or...blind as well? I don't know. I fluster around the keys on the keyboard till I find the off button. I have to go home and call Jessy to figure out what to do.

The house is cold. I must've left the back door earlier when letting Mr Higgles outside this morning. I shut the door behind me and travel towards my bedroom. Thank god my room wasn't upstairs anymore. I open the door and shut it behind me. The smell off coffee has filled the room after me drinking it this morning. I hear a familiar purr coming from my bed.  I put my hand against the wall and drag myself along the bumpy surface till I reach my desk. I click my mouse and the computer beeps and recites the time to me. It is 6:23- less than two hours to decide what I was going to do about this inevitable train wreck.  

"Hey babe" Jessy greeted through the computer screen. 
"No time for complimentary greetings Jessy. I've a problem."
"Blind people have problems?"
"And blondes are dumb. What's new. "
"Touché." My blonde hair friend retorted. 
"Okay. So. You know Brian?"
"That cute guy from the cafe that you totally like but reluctantly won't go out with him till he realises you're blind. But you also don't want him knowing you're blind because he's the only one who treats you like a real person?" Sometimes I regret telling Jessy everything. 
"That's not the problem here-"
"Yes it is. You're a chicken. "
"He asked me on a date."
Jessy squealed, "and you totally said yes!"
"I didn't have much of a choice. He's meeting me at eight." 
"Girl. You're afraid he'll treat you better then anyone else."
"I'm afraid because HE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW I'M BLIND!"
"Chill. Go get something nice on..Dress up for him."
"How can I dress up nice when I don't know what I'm wearing.."
"Go select some clothes and I will approve of it or not."

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