Love Can Be Blind

Blair Croffer is beautiful, but everyone can see it but her. But its not what she's known for. People look past who she really is and treat her different for her disability instead of treating her as a normal girl. You see, Blair is blind. Boyfriend #1: Couldn't see past her blind spots Boyfriend #2: Couldn't see past her beauty Boyfriend #3: Couldn't hear, so that didn't really work out.... All Blair wants is to be treated as a normal individual. Just like normal people, she does her laundry and goes out to coffee shops. And one special coffee shop in particular every Thursday after school, where the cashier Brian, is always welcoming her and waiting. Brian is quiet and has a big crush on Blair. The thing is: He doesn't know she's blind. With Brian completely oblivious, will Blair succeed in making him believe she's normal? That she's not blind? Or will she end up falling head over heels?


2. Chapter 2.

{ Brian's POV } 

As soon as I heard the brass door bell ring, I knew she had arrived. Her icy blue eyes, melted my heart as she stared in my direction. She absently twirled her long, golden hair with her left hand, while her right hand clutched her walking stick. Her porcelain skin appeared to glow as she entered the coffee shop. Her perfect nose perched on her rose red lips- she was the definition of perfection. She walked over towards me, her legs carrying her gracefully. "Hi Brian!" Blair greeted, her smile, lighting up the whole room. "Hi Blair! What can I get you today?" I asked as I grabbed a cup to write her order on. "The usual please." She ordered as her eyes stared right into my emerald ones. Her hand rummaging through her bag for her purse. "That will be $3.75. I'll bring your drink down to you, if you like?" "That would be great! Thank you." She smiled as she handed me a ten dollar note. "Keep the change." She said with a wink, her long lashes twinkling in the light. My breath, caught in my throat. "Well, I- I will see you in a few."

Blair took her usual seat in the corner of the cafe. She pulled her laptop out of her leather backpack and placed it on the table. Even after all this time, I get nervous every time I have to deliver her coffee to her. I stroked my hand through my dark brown hair and grabbed her hot coffee, the steam fogging up my glasses. I made my way through the maze of tables and chairs to my destination, my sight blurred by the condensation on my lenses. 
"Here you go Blair. The usual." I placed her coffee onto the table. Her hand carefully slid across the table and grabbed the hot cup.
"Thanks Brian. You didn't have to do that for me." She smiled as she continued to type on her laptop.
"How could someone not take up an offer to come over and talk to a beautiful lady like you?" I stuttered, watching her lips form a angelic smile, her white teeth sparkled as she opened her mouth to take a sip of her coffee. 

"You're so sweet. Here, come sit with me." She banged the chair across from her with her foot. I'm sure I was blushing when I took a seat across from her, I just hope she wasn't looking. 
"So,What are you writing?"
"A book."
"Oh really? I love to read! What kind is it?"
"Well, I'm working on two at the moment. A children's one and a young adult."
"What's the young adult one about?" 
"A Blind girl who falls in love."
"Sounds interesting, I can't wait to read it!"
Blair laughed, wiping the froth away from her upper lip she replied,
"Well, we'll see when you read it." She winked as she drained her cup of the coffee. 
"Damn, you always make the best coffee!" She stated, as she pushed the cup towards me.
"Really?" I beamed.
"Yes! Thursdays are my favourite day of the week! I get to come to my favourite place and see my favourite person."
Now I am sure, that my cheeks are bright red. Was she indirectly telling me that she liked me? Was she hinting about going on a date? Oh my god. What if she has liked me for years now and I was too chicken to ask her out? What if she thinks I'm a chicken. What if she hates me because of it?
"Brian! You still there?" She teased as I zoned back into the room, the thoughts fading from my mind.
"Yep, sorry about that. I kinda zoned out." 
"Well, glad you're back down to earth."
"Blair, Can I ask you something?"

I have waited so long for this moment. I was hoping for it to be special, but this moment, this day has been so good so far so why not make it even better.
"Wait here for two minutes." I asked as I rushed over to the coffee machine to make her another coffee. As the milk was frothing, I poured her coffee into the cup and added two squirts of caramel syrup. Once the milk was ready, I poured it into the cup and topped it with a cocoa heart. I rushed over to the table and sat back down.
"Why did you leave? Did you have another customer?" She questioned as I slid the cup over to her, "What's this?"
"Do you like it?" 
"Like what?"
"I made you another coffee with something special on it."
"Awww, you didn't have to do that!" 
"But I wanted to make this moment special."
"What?" Her voice was filled with confusion as she stared in front of her, trying to get an answer.

"Blair Croffer, Will you go on a date with me?"

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