Love Can Be Blind

Blair Croffer is beautiful, but everyone can see it but her. But its not what she's known for. People look past who she really is and treat her different for her disability instead of treating her as a normal girl. You see, Blair is blind. Boyfriend #1: Couldn't see past her blind spots Boyfriend #2: Couldn't see past her beauty Boyfriend #3: Couldn't hear, so that didn't really work out.... All Blair wants is to be treated as a normal individual. Just like normal people, she does her laundry and goes out to coffee shops. And one special coffee shop in particular every Thursday after school, where the cashier Brian, is always welcoming her and waiting. Brian is quiet and has a big crush on Blair. The thing is: He doesn't know she's blind. With Brian completely oblivious, will Blair succeed in making him believe she's normal? That she's not blind? Or will she end up falling head over heels?


1. Chapter 1.

Blair  Croffer  is a beautiful,  seventeen year old  girl, with dreams like everyone else. She grew up well and happy till her tenth birthday. When she turned ten, she was diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa. This disease  mean't  that she would slowly go blind, but this disease affected her quickly, and by the age of 17, Blair was legally blind.  Blair could almost see nothing but shadows.  The bright life she previously had was turned dark by her disability. Everything had, except her dreams. 

Blair still attended public high school, even though she could barely see. With the aid of a white stick and her best friend Grace, she still managed to get straight A's.  But the people in Cheshire High treat her differently. They don't see past her disabilities and occasionally make fun of her and trick her.  Everyday  she goes to school and back home, she never knows what she's going to get. A mouth full of abuse, a quiet day, an overprotective mother, a careless parent who lets Blair have free reign of where she  goes,  or an empty home. 

She hasn't been able to have a normal live, and wishes she was treated like everyone else. Even her previous boyfriends who were  mean't  to love who she was, had all ended in disaster. Her first boyfriend, Cody, couldn't see past her blind spots. Boyfriend number two, couldn't see outside her exterior, her looks, and took advantage of her. Lucky number  three,  was unlucky. He was deaf and well... it didn't turn out. And finally, boyfriend number four couldn't see past her big rear or rack. All of them ended in a huge disaster, which thankfully, Blair couldn't see. 

The only thing that had stayed consistent in her life was her Thursday evenings.

Every Thursday, after school, Blair walked  down town  to The Brew. It was a small café, in the suburbs that Blair wrote at every Thursday. Unlike how everything else had changed, this café remained the same. It had the same aromatic scent of freshly ground coffee beans and hazelnut syrup when you walked through the ancient oak doors. The tables had remained in the same positions since Blair had first visited the place when she was ten. Ever since this place had been her safe heaven. The one place where Blair felt content and happy. The one place she could write her book and make her dreams a reality. And the one place, where the one person, who didn't know that Blair was blind, worked. 



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